12 Reasons to get a Short Haircut in Singapore

Published on Oct 22, 2015

Cutting away those long locks of yours can be quite terrifying. As the scissors goes snip, your heart beats a little faster and you wonder whether it’s too late to jump out of the chair and walk away.

Long hair has become somewhat of a safety blanket for most of us but that doesn’t mean a short haircut cannot offer you all that glitz and glamour that long hair can. In fact, short hair can offer you much more and once you have walked over to the other side, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Here are 12 reasons to convince you that you should take the plunge and go short!

1. New look, new you

A new look signifies a brand new you. Whether you are about to embark on a new career path or just looking to ditch the old you behind, nothing says starting afresh like going from long to short.

mod cut

Bob Haircut by Chez Vous Hair Salon

2. Beat the heat with a short crop

The sweltering heat in Singapore can get pretty crazy at times. Don’t you hate it when you spend hours styling your hair, only to step outside and battle the urge of having to tie it up because it’s just too darn hot? With a short haircut, you never have to bother tying up your hair and when the wind hits the back of your neck … oh what sweet bliss!

Bob Haircut (Takuya)

Short Bob Haircut by CLEO Hair & Make

3. Keep it short, keep it trendy

Pixies, bobs and lobs are all the rage right now that an increasing number of celebrities are keeping it short. Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift … the list goes on. You get it - if you are looking to stay on trend, chop those locks off!

Ladies' Haircut (Ricky)

Bob Haircut by The Bund

4. The wind is no longer a bane

It’s the absolute worst when the wind blows and your hair gets caught on your lipstick, especially when you have no one around to tell you all that hair dragging your lipstick across your face has resulted in you having lipstick marks all over. Not to mention you have been walking around looking like an absolute mess! But with short hair and the wind blowing, the only mess you will be looking like is a hot mess.

bob haircut

Bob Haircut by Follicle Salon

5. Less hair, more sleep

Having short hair means shorter shower time, which essentially means an extra few minutes to sleep in.  You won’t have to get up early to spend additional time washing your hair, drying it and then styling it.

Haircut (Daisuke)

Layered Bob Cut by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

6. Less hair, more money

Think about all that extra cash you will have left over from all those hair products you won’t have to buy. Maintaining short hair does still require those regular hair maintenance products but you won’t be using large quantities as you would with long hair.

Also, hair colours (and treatments!) can be cheaper as some hair salons charge by hair length!

Cut and Treatment (Lisa)

Bob Haircut by Pro Trim Korean Salon

7. But seriously, less hair, less worries.

Buying hair products less frequently is not the only thing you will be saving on. Hair ties for some mysterious reason are always disappearing. Go short and you won’t be searching high and low for that missing hair tie.

Haircut and Highlight (Veronise)

Pixie Haircut by Kobayashi Hair Design

8. Less hair, lesser hair fall …

With long hair it sometimes seem your shower drain has more hair than on your head. While it’s normal for more hair to drop when it’s longer, with short hair, the clean up is less and you won’t be fretting over your hair fall.

9. No guts, no glory

It takes guts to go from long to short. A short haircut breathes confidence and there’s no denying others will look at you the same way. Imagine how many women will look at you and go “I wish I could pull that off.” After all, everyone loves a woman with confidence!

10. You won’t be eating your hair along with your meal

We have all been there, chowing down on our favourite food and what else do we take a bite of? Our hair! Yes, long hair can get in the way of many things and while having long hair is lovely and desirable, you sure don’t love it as much to be consuming it.

Of course, it also helps that your hair doesn't become baby fodder either!

Cut and Colour (Maika)

Bob Haircut by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

11. It doesn’t get in the way of passion

Long hair not only gets in the way of food but can get in the way of sexy times too. Now, there’s an interesting reason for you to consider! Seriously, short hair doesn’t have to be associated with tomboys and so on. A stylish bob can be just as sexy!

12. Whip your hair back and forth no more

You know when you are working out in your beast mode and your hair tie starts slipping off, and eventually your hair begins to whip you … I’m sure you are familiar with this. Here’s the thing, ladies with short hair don’t have this problem! All they do is pin their hair back and they are ready to get their sweat on.

If you are still on the fence on whether you should cut your hair, just remember hair grows back!

Take the risk and go for a short haircut, it might be worth it!

For those already convinced, read our next article on Understanding Short Haircuts to choose the most suitable short haircut for yourself!

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