8 Reasons Why Men find Ladies with Short Hair so Attractive

Published on Oct 25, 2015

Some women have long hair because they think men prefer it, but short cuts are sexy!- Enzo Angileri, Charlize Theron's hairstylist

I, for one, wholeheartedly agree with Enzo’s statement.

I had a girlfriend whom after years of having lushes locks, decided to get a buzz cut one day. I must say that it took me a while to get used to her new hairstyle . When the shock quality wore off, however, I started to see more of her fun and edgy personality, which I knew had always been there but somehow seemed off with her previous hairstyle.

Definitely SEXY x100!

Here are the other reasons why I think short haircuts are just as desirable on ladies as long ones. Check them out to see if you agree with me!

1. Cropped hairstyles get our attention!

First and foremost, short haircuts are different, and guys WILL notice.

Especially after you’ve gone through most of your life with long beauty - pageant looking hairstyles, this drastic change in hair length will definitely get us looking.

Ladies, I must be honest though.

NOT every man will like it...

BUT those who do tend to be self-assured men who can see both your beautiful outward appearance and your attractive sassy personality.

So you may find yourself getting hit on more by guys who are actually worth your time (rather than guys who are just out there having fun)

Ladies Short Haircut (Ricky) by The Bund AMK

Short Haircut by Ricky from The Bund.

 2. Cropped hairstyles accentuate your beautiful facial features

Instead of hiding behind your long Rapunzel hair, short haircuts bring out more of your gorgeous eyes and lips. Your expressive eyes can now tell us more than ever before and lets me see more of the true you.

I must also admit that some of us also find the nape of a woman's neck, exposed by shorter haircuts, tremendously sexy!

Short Haircut and Colour by Kenaris Hair Salon

Haircut by Kenaris Hair Salon for @cigarettedrags on Instagram

3. Cropped hairstyles shows your confidence... and Confidence is attractive!

Cutting your hair can be a big risk... particularly when you are running the risk of defying archaic standards of beauty that short haircuts will automatically make your femininity go down several notches!

When a lady faces this fear head-on and shows up on a date rocking a sexy pixie, she's definitely getting me intrigued!

Asymmetric Short Bob by Chez Vous

Asymmetrical Cut by Chez Vous Hair Salon

4. Cropped hairstyles makes us fantasize... and causes us to buckle at our knees

When I see a short haircut, I'm immediately reminded of Katy Perry, Rihanna and Anne Hathaway... celebrities who show us how ladies with short haircuts can be sexy and intense as hell!

Katy Perry Short Hair

Seen on Instagram - Katy Perry for Vogue Japan

5. Cropped Hairstyles gives us more time with you

Honey, we love you and your long hair but the 20 minutes of blowdry after every bath and another half hour after that for braiding or styling can really in the way of our sexy hot date.

It also makes our work mornings all the more stressful.

blow drying

Credits: Flickr

I really appreciate how much time the short haircut saves us in just blowdrying and styling... (and I haven't even counted in the shortened time for your perms and hair colours!)

6. Cropped Hairstyles reduces hair loss

This is probably the least sexy of all reasons but the long hair seems to exacerbate your hair loss issues.


Credits: Flickr

It was not so fun cleaning up when your long hair is all over the pillows, floors and even clogs up the bathroom sometimes.

The short hair seemed to have helped and I'm really grateful for that!

7. Cropped Hairstyles lets us get closer!

As much as I love touching and smelling your hair, it can hinder me from getting closer.

Short hair alleviates these issues and provides us with easy access to you!


Credits: Flickr

8. Cropped Hairstyles help us see a new you!

Just like a new hobby can reinvigorate a relationship, a short haircut can add some spice to a long established relationship as it brings out the part of you we may not have seen or felt before!

Somehow, it also seems as if the short haircut brings out the adventurous in you, as you dare to try out newer looks with this new hairstyle... and we really dig that!

Short hair makes other people think you have good bones, determination and an agenda.Joan Juliet Buck of Vogue

If you feel ready to go for a hair makeover, you should definitely go ahead to make that appointment.

Don't let an unsupporting partner derail you from your personal process of discovery and experimentation because you may just end up surprising him with your renewed attractiveness, confidence and the lesser-known merits of short hair.

As long as you do your research well and get a stylist you can trust, you will still look stunning whether your hair is long or short!

Do you have any hair stories to share?

Let us know in the comments below!

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