Best Hairstyles For Ladies After 40!

Published on Jun 16, 2016

Age ain't nothing but a number. However, as age catches on, our body begins to show signs of ageing such as grey hair, thinning hair and so on.

Don't fret just yet, there are ways you can still look stylish even as you get older!

We've put together a list of hairstyles that is both easily manageable and fashionable to help you age gracefully!

1. Stylish short haircuts

Our hair begins to thin and fall as we get older. Slow the aging process by cutting your hair short! Shorter hair appears more voluminous due to its lighter weight. It is also easier for moisture and nutrients to be transported from roots to ends for shorter hair.

In addition, it's easier to maintain and you save extra on not having to spend as much on shampoos and conditioners!

For those of you who are daring, why not go for a pixie cut like this?

pixie haircut

Pixie haircut by Chez Vous Hair Salon

If pixie cuts aren't your thing or you are hesitant if you can pull off one,  you can't go wrong with the bob! A bob haircut never goes out of style.

diamond shape face haircut

Bob Haircut by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Look how much younger a bob haircut makes you look... even from the back!

Haircut (Kai)

Haircut by Kai from Branche Hair Salon

Alternatively, you can show off your edgy side and go for an asymmetrical pixie bob haircut.

Haircut (Aris)

Asymmetric Haircut by Kenaris Hair Salon

It's both chic and fierce, and proves age is nothing but a number!

One Length Ladies Haircut (Ricky)

Asymmetric Haircut by The Bund

2. Add bangs to your haircut

As we get older, some women may face the problem of receding hairlines. Adding some bangs can help you regain some of your lost youth and make your hair appear fuller.

Cut + Hair Colour + Highlights

Bangs Cut by Chez Vous Hair Salon

3. Short perms

For those who whose hair needs a little volume, a shorter perm might be in order! It give height to your otherwise limp hair.

Perm (Sylvia)

Perm by Act Point Salon

You can choose to have your hair a little wavy for a more elegant look.

Perm (Aris)

Perm and Colour by Aris from Kenaris Hair Salon

Either way, highlights at the right place after the perm can enhance the overall look. Ask your stylist to recommend a colour that will make your features pop and one that makes you look younger, if that's what you are going for.

4. Vibrant hair colours

Hair turning white has its benefits! Since your hair is already starting to turn white, you may want to consider going for vibrant colours as your hair doesn't require as much pre-lightening to achieve a lighter colour.

You don't have to go all bright and colourful, although it can be pretty outstanding!

Do take note, however, that grey hair is more porous so the colour may not last that long.

Haircut and Colour (Danson)

You don't have to go for crazy colours if that isn't your style.

5.  Reverse highlights

Since granny hair is trending, why not embrace it?

Granny Hair Colour

Granny Hair Colour by 99 Percent Hair Studio

If you have a few strands of white hair, you can leave your grey hair in and get the hairstylist to insert more grey highlights and lowlights to make it look natural.

Brown Ash (Kai)

Blonde Highlights on Brown Ash Hair by Branche Hair Salon

WE LOVE this mix from Branche Hair Salon! Instead of hiding the white hairs, the stylist used the white hairs to enhance the overall look! He coloured the rest of the hair a lighter base colour and blended it with the white hairs for a light elegant mix!

If you don't have as much white hairs, you can request for a few more grey highlights to better blend your current white hairs with the black for a more blended look.

gray hair

If your hair is already mostly white, go for REVERSE Highlighting - putting back some black highlights and lowlights to create the classic salt and pepper look. We haven't seen much of it in Singapore yet but it's actually rather popular overseas. This is an example done for a feature on Oprah Magazine here.

6. Brown / Red highlights

Brown and red highlights is one way to look young while still looking your age.

If you are not too keen on going vibrant but still wish to try out a hip colour, then go for red highlights or a reddish brown colour.

Two Tone Hair Colour (Sophie)

Red Highlights by Act Point Salon

Under the right lighting, your colour will pop but otherwise give off a subtle tone!

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