TUA Royal Treatment ft Advante Water Treatment is the 2-in-1 Treatment Your Hair and Scalp is Begging You to Try

Published on Oct 10, 2021

We know.

No matter how dry and frizzy our hair is or how irritable our scalp has become, it can be hard to find time for hair and scalp treatments with back-to-back meetings and never-ending emails with WFH as the default.

Neglecting the hair and scalp problems for too long can however aggravate your existing issues; excessive hair damage can eventually lead to hair premature hair breakage whereas scalp problems may lead to thinning hair over time, which can be hard to reverse.

How then can we balance our hair & scalp needs given our time constraints?

With lots of feedback from customers demanding for fast AND effective treatments targeting both scalp and hair at the same time, The Beauty Emporium at The Urban Aesthetics have combined the best of the best in both hair and scalp treatment in a new experience they call: the TUA Royal Treatment.

1. TUA Royal Treatment Features The Fastest and Most Powerful Advante Water Treatment

One of the first to introduce Advante Water Treatment in Singapore, The Beauty Emporium at The Urban Aesthetics has also incorporated Advante Water into its signature TUA Royal Treatment.

In just 2 steps, Advante Water Treatment uses the latest Zero-Second Penetration technology to deliver amino acids to the core of the hair cortex, strengthening the hair by 180% - the most effective available in Singapore right now!

It doesn’t just remove frizz, you will feel your hair get thicker and stronger as it replenishes lost amino acids!

2. Customized Scalp Treatment featuring Hydrojet and Trichology Founded Scalp Products are incorporated into TUA Royal Treatment to improve scalp health

Understanding that many of us face the issue of thinning hair, the TUA Royal Treatment also features a Customized Scalp treatment in the service.

Before Royal Scalp and Hair Treatment at The Urban Aesthetics

The process here is systematic – it includes a complimentary scalp scan by their inhouse trichologist before application of a customized scalp treatment from the Trichology brand and subsequently a Hydrojet to exfoliate dead skin cells and not forgetting a long pampering shoulder massage to go along with it.

Advante Scalp Treatment and Massage

It will then end with a Scalp tonic containing herbs and essential oils aimed at boosting hair growth.

3. TUA Royal Treatment includes Complimentary Trim by one of its illustrious hairstylists

Those who go for treatments often will know how important a trim is to maintaining the longevity of the treatment. That is why TUA Royal Treatment also includes a complimentary trim by one of its illustrious team of hairstylists to make sure that split ends are removed and that your hair is kept in its tip-top condition at all times.

Advante Scalp Treatment and Trim at The Urban Aesthetics

4. The entire experience is performed in an Exclusive VIP Room

Can’t dedicate your time to away from work? Get ready to be treated like a Super Star here as they they do the entire treatment in the privacy of a VIP room. This means that you can catch a nap or if you wish, answer your emails and attend Zoom meetings in peace while your hair and scalp receive it’s the TLC they need - all without leaving your seat.

5. Expect lots of massages

Beyond scalp and hair, the treatment includes lots of shoulder and head massages that is sure to knead your COVID-related stresses away.

Advante Scalp Treatment and Massage

6. The entire treatment takes only 2 hours

For those who are not keen to spend too much time out of your home, you’d also be glad to know that the entire treatment takes only 2 hours (and may be even faster!) thanks to the fast-acting technology within Advante Water Treatment.

Want to know exactly how the TUA Royal Treatment feels like? Read on for Agent G’s first hair and scalp experience at The Beauty Emporium at The Urban Aesthetics .

Agent G and Her Obsession with Scalp Treatments

Hello, I'm Chief Editor of Beauty Undercover, Agent G.

Like many Singaporeans, I am an ardent fan of massages. Before Circuit Breaker, I'll try to sneak in a massage once every 2-3 months in Johor to give my body the pampering it deserves. COVID-19 has however made it impossible for me to do the same in Singapore. 

This got me wondering, what could be an alternative option that is more time and value effective? The service that came to mind is HEAD SPAS and SCALP TREATMENTS

(Read here if you want to know the difference between scalp treatments and head spas)

Everyone is different but I like the scalp and shoulder massage the most in a full body massage. Maybe because I sit at the desk for long hours and frequently feel stressed, massage of the head and shoulders relieves the deepest aches that plague me. More importantly, I know that I've been facing hair thinning in recent years. Head spas are very helpful as they are very much like facials for the scalp: they wash and clarify the scalp during the massage, then apply hair tonic that is readily absorbed. This process helps to unclog pores at the scalp, slow down thinning hair and even promote hair growth. 

Relaxation and effectively slowing down hair thinning all in one? Why not? 

That got me writing about the 10 Reasons Why Head Spa is The Newest Hair Service We Can't Live Without. Since then, I've been around different salons to see which gives the best head spa in Singapore. 

I've previously tried Room Japanese Hair Salon, COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong, Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela @ Riverside Point and the unique Dry Head Spa by Branche Japanese Hair Salon

This time though, I'm hoping to go for more than just a scalp treatment. 

Those who follow Beauty Undercover will know that I went for a perm previously. I really love it but because I didn't use the right homecare, my hair is looking really dry and damaged lately.

Before Royal Scalp and Hair Treatment at The Urban Aesthetics

You can see that my curls are still there but the dry hair is taking away much of the glam away from my perm. 

Before Royal Scalp and Hair Treatment at The Urban Aesthetics

I've been thinking of doing something about it but in between the revamp of Beauty Undercover, as well as my personal schedule AND attending to my son during COVID-19, it has been hard to find time to properly take care of both my hair and scalp. 

So when  The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics shared with me that they've combined two of their most effective hair and scalp treatments into their TUA Royal Treatment for time-starved ladies, I was more than excited. You see, this Royal treatment features the LATEST Advante Water Treatment touted to be the newest, most powerful hair treatment in the industry right now. I mean, I literally saw the hair come back to life for Agent C at Room Japanese Hair Salon and how it cushioned the impact of bleach and hair colour for Agent N at Chez Vous Hair Salon. Could it help me revive my curls too? 

On top of the new Advante Hair Treatment, the TUA Royal Treatment also includes a hydrojet exfoliation while incorporating products from herbal scalp treatment from a Trichology brand well-known to help ease my scalp issues and slow down hair loss.

And guess what, they can do it all in under 2 hours!

A very attractive proposition, I would say in this COVID-19 period when I just don't feel like getting out of my home for too long. For those who drive, you may even be able to get away with paying just $2.20 since parking at Raffles City is $2.20 for first 2 hours on weekends. 

OK, I'm on. 

TUA Royal Scalp and Hair Experience at The Urban Aesthetics

I've followed many Beauty Undercover Agents here to do their hair but interestingly, this is the first time I'm the customer here at TUA. TBH, the place can be hard to get to. It is hidden at a corner closer to the Fairmont side of Raffles City.

Every time I come here though, I can't help but be impressed.

Before Royal Scalp and Hair Treatment at The Urban Aesthetics

Beyond their warm staff and luxurious decor, I often spot actresses and tai-tais getting their hair cut and coloured here by the extremely illustrious team of stylists consisting of Leslie, Hidero, Leong, Jacqueline and Alex - literally EVERY single one of them are movers and shakers in the industry. So it's not surprising that their clientele are just as distinguished. 

Fortunately for me, I get to pretend to be one of them today.

From the moment I enter, I was attended to by Katherine who escorted me to one of the two exclusive VIP rooms at The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics.

Before Royal Scalp and Hair Treatment at The Urban Aesthetics

It isn't just a private room; this VIP room is equipped with a luxurious recliner that lays straight with a tap of a button... the leather and cushioning also feel super comfy when I sit on it.

If you're a workaholic like me, you'd definitely appreciate the abundant personal space that makes it easy for you to go for a zoom meeting or just to clear your work emails.

Before Royal Scalp and Hair Treatment at The Urban Aesthetics

But before I do all that, robe on please!

Moments later, I was glad to have celebrity stylist and licensed trichologist Leslie come over for a consultation. He gave me a brief introduction of the TUA Royal treatment, sharing that he designed this routine after many of his customers started requesting for a speedy combination treatment that effectively repairs hair damage AND solves thinning hair problems over the past year. After extensive testing of various treatments, the TUA team decided to put the best of the best together in a single treatment they call The TUA Royal Treatment.

It features the newest Advante Water Treatment that can strengthen hair by up to 180% as well as as a Trichology-founded scalp treatment brand he has personally tested. Leslie won't be doing the hair and scalp treatment though; he professes that Katherine has gone through so much training that her head massage skill is better than him right now. What he will do instead is to share his professional opinion during the consultation so that she can better customize the scalp treatment to my needs.

Consultation and Scalp Scan at The Urban Aesthetics

First, he did a visual diagnosis of my scalp before using a machine to confirm his observations. 

Consultation and Scalp Scan at The Urban Aesthetics

I've had a number of people tell me that my scalp is somewhat of combination. It can be pretty oily especially near the top, causing clogs at several places but dry at others. So, it wasn't surprising for Leslie to say the same.

Consultation and Scalp Scan at The Urban Aesthetics

He was however able to point out something I was really impressed with.

Did you recently change your scalp tonic? Your scalp looks a bit pinkish and sensitive around here so I'm wondering if you used anything harsh on your scalp lately.

WOW.. how did he know that?

Indeed, I just recently changed my scalp tonic from Kerastase Stimuliste to a Japanese brand of menthol scalp tonic just to try it out. Indeed, it could feel the slight burning sensation each time... I didn't realize it was causing me sensitivity!

To guess at that without me letting him know... wow I'm blown away. 

To deal with these issues, Leslie suggested a treatment plan with a focus on exfoliating the dead skin cells without aggravating the sensitivity of my scalp. After getting my OK, he relayed detailed instructions to Katherine with regards to the mixture she should use and what to focus on.

With that, my TUA Royal Experience is about to begin!

Step 1: Scalp Exfoliation

It was interesting to see how Katherine created the mixture. Like a scientist, Katherine took precise amounts of each type of scalp mask and mixed them together to look like this.

Scalp Treatment and Massage at The Urban Aesthetics

With that, she sectioned my hair and used a brush to apply this gooey mixture directly onto my scalp.

Scalp Treatment and Massage at The Urban Aesthetics

Oo I love how it feels cooling and refreshing all at the same time. 

No itchiness, no discomfort.

The process was so comfy, I almost fell asleep while she was applying the scalp mask. 

Apparently, this mask works gently to purify and clarifies the scalp. It does however take about 10 minutes for the ingredients to fully penetrate into the scalp, so in the meantime... 

Scalp Treatment and Massage at The Urban Aesthetics


Scalp Treatment and Massage at The Urban Aesthetics

I know I've said this a thousand times but I love massages... particularly shoulder!

As I spend lots of time at the computer, my shoulder is super stiff. Every chance I get a massage, I'll happily take it and as you can see, Katherine's got mad skills. She knows exactly where that spot is and it feels darn good to get it massaged.

Step 2: Hair Wash

Once the time is up, Katherine lowered the recliner automatically and washed off the scalp mask.

Scalp Treatment and Massage at The Urban Aesthetics

First with water, then with shampoo.

Scalp Treatment and Massage at The Urban Aesthetics

Of course, she didn't forget to give me yet another head massage, something I really love!

Scalp Treatment and Massage at The Urban Aesthetics

Ah, can I just bring her back home now?!

Step 3: Hydro Jet Exfoliation

That's not all.

With my scalp now softened and dead skin cells dislodged, Katherine proceeded to use the Hydro jet to spray my scalp. 

This is no ordinary water jet - the hydrojet pushes the water out at such high pressure that it exerts quite a bit of force on the dead skin cells, unclogging the scalp. 

Scalp Treatment and Massage at The Urban Aesthetics

NGL, it can feel a little painful, particularly when the jet of water hits the sides of my hairline. Call me masochistic but I kind of like this pain because it makes me feel as if more of my scalp pores are being unclogged. 😅

But for those of you with lower pain tolerance, don't worry! You can always request for the pressure to be lowered.

For those who wonder if this is a gimmick, well, I assure you it isn't.

Advante Scalp Treatment and Massage

Can you see the amount of dead skin cells that's now on my hair after the hydro jet treatment? 

If you zoom in, you can.

Advante Scalp Treatment and Massage

Glad they're out of my scalp and no longer clogging my pores now!

Step 4: Complimentary Trim

Once my hair is towel-dried, Leslie came over to give my hair a quick trim.

Leslie recommends a quick trim each time you do treatment as it removes all the split ends that may actually cause the hair treatment to leak out faster. 

Advante Water Treatment and Trim at The Urban Aesthetics

Just a little trim is enough to get my curls bouncing back!

Step 5: Application of Advante 1 Water Treatment

The Advante Water Treatment can only be applied on dry hair for maximum effect, so after the trim, Katherine blew my hair dry.

After sectioning, Advante 1 was then applied to my hair.

Advante Water Treatment and Trim at The Urban Aesthetics

Yep, Advante 1 is actually water - not any water but electrolyzed water that delivers amino acids directly to your hair cortex. For normal hair treatments, much of the amino acids get stuck onto the surface of the hair and are unable to penetrate due to the positive charges and size of the amino acids. Electrolyzed Water acts a bit like taking Grab; if you had to walk from Tampines to Jurong, it will probably take you forever. What the Electrolyzed Water does is to supercharge this process by charging up the miniaturized amino acids and delivering them directly into the hair cortex, strengthening my hair by up to 180%!

Advante Scalp Treatment and Trim at The Urban Aesthetics

She started from the inner sections before applying the Advante Water liberally to the outer sections. 

Advante Water Treatment and Trim at The Urban Aesthetics

I don't know if you can tell but my hair actually looked much less frizzy immediately! 

All thanks to the magic from the Advante Water Treatment!

Advante Scalp Treatment and Trim at The Urban Aesthetics

To activate the treatment though, my hair has to be completely blown dry one more time.

Step 6: Application of Advante 2

Once the blow drying is complete, she embarked on the final hair wash of the day.

Scalp Treatment and Massage at The Urban Aesthetics

At the sink, she then applied Advante 2, the final step in the treatment. Advante 2 apparently contains antioxidants as well as a slew of ingredients that help to close the cuticles, keeping it soft and smooth!

Step 7: Application of Scalp Tonic

Advante Scalp Treatment and Massage

I fell asleep during the application of Advante 2 so I still felt a little groggy as the recliner comes back up. But still, it was nice to feel the refreshing scalp tonic thoroughly applied on my scalp. 

Scalp Treatment and Massage at The Urban Aesthetics

One final massage for the day

and we are almost done!

Step 8: Final Diagnosis

To conclude the TUA Royal experience, Leslie came by to do a final scalp diagnosis. 

Advante Scalp Treatment and Massage

As you can see, my scalp is a lot cleaner and clearer after just one session here!

Advante Scalp Treatment and Massage

It isn't just my scalp that benefited. 

Before Royal Scalp and Hair Treatment at The Urban Aesthetics

Compared to the mop I walked in with, my hair definitely looks that much healthier now. 

After advante water treatment and royal scalp treatment at the urban aesthetics

While it is not zero-frizz, it certainly looked and felt a lot smoother than before.

After advante water treatment and royal scalp treatment at the urban aesthetics
After advante water treatment and royal scalp treatment at the urban aesthetics

The question of course is how long will the effects last?

To make sure that the treatment lasts as long as possible, Leslie explained that I should also use the 90g Advante homecare back at home.

This homecare contains some of the ingredients in Advante 2, replenishing lost ingredients and minimizing leakage. To make sure it lasts as long as possible, I should ideally use 2 large 50c coins worth of the treatment, rub it in my hand and make sure it is emulsified before applying it onto my hair.

Not wanting to waste my treatment, I got it and did what was suggested. Want to see how it looked like 6 weeks later?

This is how my hair looked 6 weeks later. 

I don't know whether it's the homecare or the Advante Water Treatment itself but I am elated that it actually still looks good after so long! Instead of feeling bad about my hair each time I look into the mirror, I'm really happy to see my curls revived and my hair no longer looking like grass!

How my hair looked at the end of the day without styling 6 weeks after!

Thank you Leslie, Katherine and the team at The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics for the TUA Royal Hair & Scalp Experience. In just 2 hours, you managed to fix my hair and scalp issues that have bugged me for months. I should really have come here earlier.

For time-starved ladies looking for an immediate perk-me-up, the TUA Royal Hair & Scalp Experience is a MUST-TRY!

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