Is WFH Irritating Sensitive Skin? Yamano Facial and 5 Other Things That Helps Soothe Reddish Sensitive Skin.

Published on Nov 04, 2021

You didn't use to have skin that turns dry, itchy, bumpy, or red. Now you're left wondering, was it caused by WFH, ageing, or something else? 

If you didn't already know, these are signs of sensitive or sensitised skin. Your skin thinks that it is under attack and these symptoms show up because your skin is trying to rid itself of the environmental irritants.

What are some examples of irritants that cause sensitive skin?

It may come as a shock to some, but the culprit often lies in a new skincare product you started using.

In order to show results, skincare products often use ingredients that stimulate skin renewal. For those of us with weaker skin barriers, this may cause irritation.

Some of such ingredients include:  

  • Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs)
  • Beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs)
  • Glycolic acid
  • Lactic acid
  • Salicylic acid

These ingredients do not need to be strictly avoided as exfoliating with AHA and Salicylic acid can help to loosen and clear clogged pores, but it can be far too harsh for some of our skin.

Alcohol, fragrances, and preservatives may also cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Aside from harsh skincare products, people who go for laser treatments often face the same issue of sensitivity as laser treatments remove the outermost layer of skin.

While this eliminates skin scarring almost immediately, our skin barrier also ends up getting damaged, leading to skin that becomes sensitive very easily.

What can we do to treat sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin does not have to be a chronic condition and is often treatable if you take the right steps.

1. Use gentle hypoallergenic products 

Instead of using drying soaps and face washes, look for products containing soothing, hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera, ceramides, hyaluronic acid to repair and rebuild your skin barrier.

One of our favourite cleansers is the Doronko White Clay Cleanser. It uses Kaolinite and Bentonite mud within the ingredients to help clear dirt cleanly but gently. Look at how effectively 1 teaspoon of Doronko clay purifies drainage water?

Apparently, Doronko Clay is so good at a teaspoon of the ingredients in Doronko Clay can purify even drainage water. 

2. Do a patch test before using a new skincare product

It may not be easy to tell if a product includes ingredients that may irritate your skin. Hence, consider doing a patch test before you use any skincare product. It is easy to do one for yourself; apply the product as directed to a small area of skin on your forearm and wait 24 hours. If you do not experience a reaction, consider the product safe for use.

3. Gently pat in your skincare products

It isn't just products that irritate the skin. Overstimulation via massage can also cause sensitivity to flare. The best way to avoid sensitivity is to pat the skincare rather than rubbing it in.This way, you won't further irritate your already sensitive skin. 

4. Use lukewarm water 

Some of us have the bad habit of using hot water to bathe and wash our face. Hot water can however irritate sensitive skin and leach out some of your skin moisture. Water that is too cold will however not be able to open our pores and clean our face thoroughly. Hence, it is ideal to use lukewarm water instead to wash your face and remove grime effectively.  

5. Double cleanse your skin

There is always a risk that cleansing your skin doesn't clean your skin as thoroughly as we should. Hence, a simple step like double cleansing will reduce the chance of oil, sweat, sunscreen, skincare and makeup remaining behind on your skin. 

These are just 5 generic steps that Chrissy from Face Plus by Yamano shared with us to deal with sensitive skin. Even if you follow the above 5 steps, it will take time for the skin to rebuild its barriers and resistance to irritants. If you're keen to accelerate the process, however, consider going for the Signature Essential facial at Face Plus by Yamano.

This facial utilises Yamano's top-end products to cleanse and nourish the skin gently - all without extraction or using any harsh chemicals. The facial got very good feedback particularly from customers with sensitive skin as customers report less sensitivity 2-3 times after going for the facial. Want to know what it entails? Read on to find out!

Essential Kohaku Facial At Face Plus by Yamano

Hi! I'm Agent C.W., Assistant Editor at Beauty Undercover. I'm thankful to be free of acne most of the time, but my friends know that I have really sensitive skin. My face often acts up and turns red whenever I use a new facial product or makeup on my skin!

It got so bad, I didn't feel like using any facial product on my face... not even sunscreen. I know this is not the right long term solution for me as the neglect is making my face feel drier and drier while the sensitivity didn't seem to go away anytime soon. 

So when I came across the Kohaku Regeneration Essential facial by Agent A, I was intrigued. Agent A is a personal friend of mine and she was raving about how the Essential facial made her face much less sensitive after the laser treatment.

Could it help to alleviate my inherently sensitive skin?

There's only one way to find out. 


This is actually my second time here. I did my first facial here and loved how the pampering experience as well as the gentle products that didn't break me out or cause any redness afterwards. Once again, I'm served by Chrissy, Salon Manager at Yamano.

Like a Japanese, Chrissy greeted me with a bow the moment I enter and invited me to take a seat at the consultation area right in front. 

To see how my facial condition was, she requested that I take off my mask for a moment. 

Instead of disparaging my skin, which is what other salons tend to do, Chrissy actually complimented about how smooth my skin was and proceeded to ask about my skin concerns. 

When she heard about how sensitive my skin was, she recommended Kohaku Regeneration Essential Facial as it incorporates a lot of Yamano products effective for hydrating the skin and accelerating skin repair.

According to Chrissy, skin turns red and inflamed more easily when the Stratum Corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis) is not thick or strong enough to withstand and protect the skin from external irritants. That is the case particularly when skin is dry, damaged and devoid of moisture. That is why hydrating the skin and locking it in is the main focus of the Kohaku Essential Facial in repairing the skin. 

With a better understanding of how it works, I'm excited to experience it for myself. 

Step 1: Double Cleansing

First, Chrissy escorted me into the facial room and gave me a robe to change into. Once I was ready, she knocked on the door, made sure I was ready and started with the very first step: Double Cleansing. 

The product she used with the Yamano signature MD Cleansing Lotion; This is a cleansing milk that gently removes makeup and dirt with dirt-absorbent organic clay while moisturising the skin and protecting the skin surface.

After removing the residue of the cleansing lotion with cotton pads, she proceeded to apply the famed Doronko White Clay Cleanser. Just in case you didn't know this consists of Kaolinite which helps to clarify the skin.

This is how it looks like when the clay was all applied.

To make sure that the cleanser helps to remove every last bit of dirt, she massaged the cleanser in a rhythmic movement. 

Doesn't she look like she's playing the piano?

Once she was done, Chrissy used soft sponges to wipe the clay off my face.

Double cleansing right? At this stage, I thought Chrissy was done... but apparently not!

To ensure that my decollete was also cleansed, she brushed some of the white clay mask around my neck and shoulder.

Similarly, she massaged to cleanse the entire area. 

Finally she cleared it all up with sponges.

Step 2: Steaming and Ultrasonic Exfoliation

With a focus on exfoliating the skin gently, Face Plus by Yamano replaces painful and harsh exfoliation with steaming and ultrasonic exfoliation.  

Chrissy then turned the steamer on to let the warm air open my pores gently and make it easier for blackheads and whiteheads to be removed.

To stimulate gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells. she applied papain enzymes on my face and let it sit for some time. 

Once ready, Chrissy used the Ultrasonic Machine to gently remove the layer of dead skin cells. This machine vibrates at a frequency of 35,000 hz to dislodge the whiteheads and blackheads gently. 

As you can see, there was no pain, no discomfort at all... yet it manages to remove quite a bit of dead skin! 

Love how it cleanses my skin without the usual pain of an extraction facial!

Step 3: Skin Repair

With the skin successfully exfoliated, it is now time to apply nutrients that would be better absorbed into the skin at this time. 

What Chrissy did next was therefore to prepare a mixture of beauty recovery essence, EGF, placenta and Amber aimed at accelerating skin repair.

To further improve penetration, Chrissy helped me relax by letting me breathe in the aroma of soothing and calming essential oils containing Rosemary, Lavender and Chamomile. 

Then, Chrissy used the same oils to perform a lymphatic drainage massage on my face and shoulder to detox all the toxins in my lymphatic system.

She even used authentic warm Kohaku stones during the process for double lymphatic drainage.

Finally, she wiped off the excess oil with warm relaxing towels.

Step 4: Application of water spa mask

Once the massage is complete, Chrissy applied a water spa mask to moisturize my skin. The water spa mask contains artichoke extracts, hydrolysed hyaluronic, hydrolyzed collagen, botanical placenta and Amber extract that help to refine pores, increase production of hyaluronic acid while improving your skin metabolism.

After the mask was removed, Chrissy then applied Kohaku Century Zero Perfect Lotion and Serum Milk specially formulated for sensitive skin.

If you're wondering how the Kohaku Zero looks like, here it is:

Finally Chrissy ended my facial session with a finishing massage by focusing on all the acupuncture points massage on my head, shoulder and neck. 

And we are done!

Look at how bright my skin looks afterwards!

Chrissy didn't sell me any products or services afterwards but shared some skincare and lifestyle tips so that I could deal with my sensitivity at home. 

Thank you Chrissy for the amazing experience. It may just be one facial but I could feel my skin becoming stronger already. I tried as far as possible to adopt Chrissy's suggestions and indeed, they seem to be successful in curbing my redness back at home. To show you how dedicated Chrissy is, she even sent me a message a few days later to check how my skin was. Very very grateful to her for going out of her way to help me solve my skin problem.

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