S is For Sexy: Agent D Got a Sensual Boost With a Glamorous S Curl Volume Perm!

Published on Nov 19, 2015

As Christmas is round the corner, we've sent our Agents down to try out different texturizing treatments ahead of the anticipated Christmas and New Year rush.

For those looking for a more manageable volume rebonding, we had the C Curl Omega Rebonding for Agent AG previously.

For those looking for a more voluminous perm, we have the Glamorous S Curl Volume Perm by Act Point Salon for Agent D.

Read more about her experience below!

November 2015

Hi there! I’m Agent D, Marketing Communications Manager for a local brow salon in Singapore.

I participate in various pageants in my free time and am fortunate to win the awards for Miss Bikini Asia Singapore 2014/2015 and Miss Soteria Singapore 2015.

As I'm working in the frontline and often go for the pageants, it was important for me to have a hairstyle that complements my overall look.

Therefore, six months ago, I researched extensively on the Internet. As a hair amateur, I was deeply confused over the terms digital perm, ceramic perm and Korean perms, etc. Fortunately, I discovered Beauty Undercover's article on Differences between the different type of perms. I also read reviews and forums and found that Ceramic Perms do indeed last longer than digital perms. After reading a lot online, I decided to accept the invitation for a sponsored visit with Act Point Salon.

My First Experience with Act Point Salon

Act Point @ Shaw Towers

The place is nestled within the ground floor of Shaw Towers, which is right behind Intercontinental / Bugis Junction.

Shaw Towers itself looked a little more rundown than the more modern Bugis Junction but is still fairly alright.

When I first entered, Act Point was buzzing with customers. The salon itself isn't very spacious but with the amount of conversation and smiles going around, Act Point reminded me of a salon with a strong family atmosphere among its stylists.

The stylist who attended to me was Sylvia. Many times, I hear people mentioning that they fear that the curls turn out too “Aunty-looking” or too mature. Therefore I told Sylvia that I wanted wavy, beach hair with the large curls.

It's a pity I didn't take a proper photo then but here's a photo SIX months after the perm.

before perm
before perm

If it looked like that after 6 months, imagine how lusciously beautiful it was 6 months ago!

It looked so good that I had many strangers approaching to ask where I had my curls done.

As I was going for a vacation to New Zealand and because I was selected to represent Singapore in Miss Tourism World 2015, I thought that it was well past time to freshen my curls!

So here I'm back to Act Point Salon yet again!

Consultation during the Second Visit

I'm glad to have Sylvia as my stylist yet again in this second visit!

sylvia stylist

She checked my hair condition and we talked about the style I was looking for.

I was considering a volume rebonding but after consultation with Sylvia, we decided to go ahead with the Volume S Curl Perm instead.


She would also be trimming a little of my hair for a lighter look!

Hair Wash and Cut

hair wash

After the consultation, the hair service began with a hair wash and the cut!


If I am not mistaken, Sylvia is actually one of the most experienced haircut specialists in Act Point! Many ladies come to her because of her superior haircut skills... As a great perm starts from a good cut, I can also understand why Sylvia is one of the best in Act Point for perms!

sharing experiences tips and advice

Other than her skill, it was also really easy to talk to Sylvia. Whether you wish to talk about hair or topics other than hair, Sylvia is happy to share her experiences tips and advice!

Application of Perming Lotion

perming lotion

As usual, the next step involves application of perming lotion.

The perming lotion breaks down existing bonds in the hair so that it can be moulded later on.

Shiseido Crystallizing Straight

The perming lotion that Act Point uses is the Shiseido Crystallizing Straight. According to Act Point, Shiseido has continuously improved the formula and has even included hyaluronic acid in its latest formulation to further moisturize the hair!

Act Point Salon stocks the full range of Shiseido Crystallizing Straight from N1 to EX1 and uses different type of chemicals for different parts of the hair.

Perming lotion

The stronger solution is used for the healthier roots while the milder solution is used for the hair ends to avoid damaging the hair excessively.

The hair is then left to absorb the solution for about 15-20 minutes before it is washed off!


Creating the Curls


As I specifically requested for curls that last, Sylvia chose medium sized curling rods for me. If large curling rods are used, the curls will very likely turn wavy very fast.

Sylvia however assured me that the curls would not be too small.

curling process

For the curling part of the process, I had Bro, another experienced stylist in Act Point to help me with it!

square foam to protect scalp from burning

To avoid accidentally burning my scalp, the square foam is put in.


The curling rods are then curled in one by one to achieve the curling effect.

Heated wires plugged in

Once complete, the heated wires are plugged in to the curling rods.

Here is me looking like Cinderella!

My hair is left to heat up for about 15 minutes.

Once done, my hair looked like this.

very curly hair

Fret not!

This will gradually unravel into larger curls!

Applying the Neutralizer


The next step is application of the neutralizer.

Unlike the perming lotion which helps to break the hair bonds, the neutralizer will fix the curls that was just created!

After removing the curlers from earlier, new curlers are put in place.

new curlers

Bro then applied the neutralizing solution on the hair itself.

neutralizing solution

After about 10-15 minutes, you can start to see the curls gradually forming!

curls gradually forming

Time for yet another hair wash!

hair wash


blow dry

As the blowdry continues, the excitement started building up.

I can't see the final result yet but my hair looked so healthy and the curls so bouncy (even before the blowdry was done!)

Are you as excited as I am to see the final result?

after perm
after perm

Just to remind you how I looked like 3 hours earlier:

before perm
before perm

My hair is a little shorter and curls much stronger now... but I feel that this made me look a lot more feminine (rather than auntie) in my opinion!

Thank you Act Point for the sensual and beautiful S Curl Volume Perm!

This time I think I better prepare some namecards just in case I get stalked in the street for my curls again!

S curl volume perm

Meanwhile, a shot with the team!

act point salon team

Overall thoughts

It was a wonderful experience with Act Point  Salon and I’m really glad that I made the right choice by calling them.

There was no hard selling from both my experiences with them, only pure professional service and honest expert advice. They mentioned that not everyone is suitable for a perm and that my healthy hair was one of the major reasons why the perm turned out so nice. If you are not sure about whether your hair is suitable, I would recommend you to come down for a complimentary consultation with Act Point. This is a place I know will give you their honest professional advice and not just say whatever it takes to earn your cash!

They may not be the most attentive or luxurious of salons but one could feel that each and every one of the stylists are sincerely doing their best to make all their customers feel comfortable and achieve the look they are looking for.

They also do not skimp on giving you the best products they can offer, something I really appreciate!

Definitely rate it a 5 out of 5, particularly for working professionals looking for affordable, long-lasting curls!

Update: 2 Weeks after Perm

2 weeks after s curl volume perm
2 weeks after s curl volume perm

I love going for a perm right before a holiday as the holiday photos look so much better with my newly formed curls!

Looking forward to another 6 months of luscious glamorous curls thanks to Act Point!

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