Things to Do in Singapore (Updated November 2021)

Published on Oct 31, 2021

October was a quiet month due to the continuation of Covid restrictions.

But with the VTLs and hopefully loosened restrictions from 21st November onwards, and projected return to offices in 2022, it looks like we'll be able to hang out with our friends and family more freely this month ~ especially with Deepavali coming up!

If you're planning on travelling, it's time to revise your packing list.

Travel used to be more familiar to us, but with Covid, most of us haven't travelled in at least two years.

If you're planning to brave the pandemic and go on a trip, you may forget to pack a few things!

Clothes and toiletries are the basics, but don't forget things like sunscreen, extra layers (if you're visiting a colder country), and multiple ways to prove your vaccination status when you're abroad!

Beauty Undercover will be releasing our list of travel essentials later this month, so be sure to check back if you don't want to miss it.

For those staying in Singapore, don't worry—there's still lots to do and enjoy this month!

Here are some new activities to try this month to gear up for the reopening of SG.

Book your tickets for the JJ Lin concert

Yes, live in-person concerts are finally returning, and they're coming back with a bang because JJ Lin will be the one performing on 27th and 28th November.

Like most artists during Covid, he previously held a virtual concert in 2020. However, besides fans not being able to see the artist in person and enjoy the live-concert atmosphere, they were also faced with multiple technical difficulties.

Well, you won't have to worry about any lagging or connectivity issues when you're there in the flesh.

Ticket sales have yet to be announced, so you should keep up with his Instagram page for the latest details!

Get concert or outing ready at new Beauty Undercover trusted salons

1. Get a haircut + colour / perm at HAF Salon

Far East Plaza isn't the most luxurious shopping mall, but there are many gems in it.

One of which is HAF Salon, and not just because of its gorgeous decor!

This local salon has a fleet of highly skilled and experienced stylists that can bring you Korean-style curls, work-friendly balayage, other hairstyles of your dreams.

The best part? They don't hardsell and make sure prices are transparent to make sure that you'll always leave the salon a happy customer.

Did we mention that they are also having all-in prices of $288 for Haircut + Colour + Kerastase hair treatment? Read here to find out more.

2. Enjoy a keratin treatment at WHITETREE Salon

If you're looking for a one-stop-shop for a girls' day out, WHITETREE is the place to be.

I mean, where can you meet your friends (or just a friend, for now), relax, have a cup of tea with a slice of cake, and get your hair done?

Places like these are hard to find!

You'll be able to enjoy the scenic shophouses along Circular Road as you walk from Raffles Place. Yes, you'll have to walk up to the second floor in order to reach WHITETREE, but we promise it's well worth it.

Plus, prices can be affordable here such as $230 for Haircut + Flower Colour + Treatment. Pretty low for a Japanese Hair Experience like this, don't you think?

Here's a quick peek into how an eventful but relaxing day at WHITETREE looks like:

3. Enjoy chill salon vibes at Twist Salon

There has definitely been a rise in Japanese salons in Singapore as the hairstyle trend has shifted once more from crazy, bold colours to more muted tones. While we love Japanese service, quality, and style, we don't love how expensive some Japanese salons can be. This is why at Beauty Undercover, you'll only find value-for-money salons that give you the best bang for your buck.

And it's no different when it comes to Twist Hair Salon. This affordable Japanese salon offers quality hair services at reasonable prices, and you won't have to compromise on anything!

The beautiful and centrally-located salon has tall ceilings, natural light, and lots of customer privacy. Twist Hair Salon is made up of a team of Singaporean and Japanese stylists to bring you the best blend of hair trends from both countries!

And guess what, Twist Hair Salon probably offers Keratin Treatments at THE LOWEST Price in Singapore at just $155 for Keratin Treatment under their promotion.

Keen to find out more? We have just the video for you:

Get back into your workout routine as Singapore starts to reopen again

As we will be easing back into more outings, gatherings, and going to the office in 2022, the best time to get back into your fitness regime is NOW.

You'll be more swamped with leisure and work activities next year, so it's a great idea to start getting fit again now.

1. Try the latest workout equipment at True Fitness' newly renovated Novena outlet

Photo: True Fitness Novena

True Fitness' Novena outlet underwent a renovation that basically made it a brand new gym.

The 15,000 sq ft gym spans across two floors and boasts a huge variety of equipment for weightlifting, cardio, functional training, and even boxing.

They've also brought in an exciting range of the newest workout equipment including:

  • Singapore's first FITBENCH: A compact workout bench that allows you to do full-body functional workouts in one station. The FITBENCH is equipped with dumbbells, a kettlebell, a slam ball and fitbands.
  • Singapore's first Hammer Strength plate-loaded T-bar row: This piece of equipment offers more plate and grip positions for users who want to increase load in the front or decrease inertia in the back.
  • Hammer Strength plate-loaded glute drive: Convenient machine for hip thrusts, without the cumbersome set-up.

(The Hammer Strength plate-loaded T-bar row and glute drive will only be available from late November onwards.)

If you're a fan of hip thrusts for building your posterior chain (muscles at the back of your body, including calves, hamstrings, glutes, and back), you may be familiar with how tiresome it is to set up for the barbell hip thrust.

You won't need to lug your barbell, plates, and barbell pad to a bench or box at this True Fitness because they have a hip thrust machine! Not only is it more convenient, but it's also fun to try a new piece of equipment that is hard to find in Singapore. Plus, using machines can help you correct your form for free weight exercises.

2. Westies can check out the new Anytime Fitness outlet at Jurong East

We know that most fitness studios are located in the Central or East, but there are still great options available in the west!

Anytime Fitness is opening a new branch in Jurong (134 Jurong Gateway #1-311) and it's just a 5-minute walk from Jurong East MRT.

The 4,000 sqft space is well-equipped with strength equipment, free weights, and cardio equipment.

Not a fan of working out alone? No problem! They also offer personal training and members can enjoy unlimited group classes for HIIT, yoga, pilates, piloxing, and Zumba.

Like most Anytime Fitness outlets, there is 24/7 access, free subscription to the Anytime Fitness app with more than 1000 workout videos, as well as free lockers and WiFi.

3. If you prefer gyms and fitness studios that are located in a shopping mall for easier access, there's always Fitness First at Westgate

Photo: Fitness First

Highlights at Fitness First Westgate include:

Photo: Fitness First

Gear up to work out or explore in new activewear and athleisure

Because who says you can't wear the same outfit to the gym and to brunch? (Thank you trendy activewear brands!)

1. Mulawear opens their first activewear stores in Singapore

Photo: Mulawear

As the oldest and one of the most popular yoga wear brand in Korea, it's no surprise that Mulawear has made an impact across the globe.

They're best known for their miraculous leggings, AKA the Noble Leggings, that have an average life span of six years. How is this possible? They design their own pieces, develop their own fabrics, and have their own highly-efficient factory.

We know it can be tricky to buy activewear online, especially when you think about shipping and returns from international brands. You'll be happy to hear that the Korean activewear brand has just landed in Singapore with two central locations at #02-22/23 Mandarin Gallery (near Somerset MRT) and Funan (near City Hall MRT) so you can try before you buy!

We were super impressed with how soft and smooth their fabrics are. "Buttery smooth" may be an overused term when it comes to activewear, but we truly feel that this is the perfect descriptor for Mulawear's lightweight, second skin, naked-sensation fabrics.

What we love most about Mulawear pieces:

  • Upon feeling and wearing them, you can immediately tell that the fabric and designs were crafted with care
  • Quality control on the pieces are so good too–no loose threads, uneven seams, or imperfections
  • The whole range is suitable for cross-training, so whether you do yoga, strength, or circuits, you'll be able to find something suitable
  • Although the material is so lightweight and second-skin-like, they're able to smooth your skin, give you support, and hide those pesky panty lines (we still recommend wearing seamless undergarments, though!)

The brand has a good range of basics for both men and women, and there are lots of unique, dainty, and feminine pieces too.

Plus, they're fairly priced at about $50 for tops and $70 for leggings. For the quality they offer, we think it's a steal! You may want to head down soon because they are having a special opening discount: 50% off tops when you purchase bottoms!

P.S. We find that their sizing can err on the smaller side, so we do recommend visiting their beautiful pop-up stores to try and feel the products first.

2. LSKD launches new Limitless Seamless collection

Photo: LSKD

Yes, travel to certain countries may be possible now, but not everyone is comfortable with doing so when you take into consideration the expensive flights, Covid tests, and stress that may follow.

If you're keener on staying put and finding adventure near you instead, LSKD (Loose Kids) has the perfect gear for you.

This sustainable Australian brand is all about chasing the adventure, so it's fitting that all their pieces are made to move with you in any environment.

We got to try their new Limitless Seamless range that was made with maximum comfort in mind. The pieces are form-fitting, seamless, silky soft, sweat-wicking, and stretchable to get you through any type of movement.

It held up well during stretching, yoga flows, handstands, backbends, callisthenics (bodyweight exercises), as well as weightlifting. No gaping fabric, no seams that dig in, and no restriction in movement. It's a resounding yes from us!

Worn in the video: Black Limitless Seamless Crop Top (Small), Black Limitless Seamless Leggings (Small), and Hazelnut Crop Field Tank (Small).

You can tag @LSKD and use #ChaseTheVibe on Instagram to connect with like-minded individuals!

P.S. If you prefer to stay at home, you can play around with Instagram Reels

Photo: Instagram

Yes, Instagram Reels is finally in Singapore! Basically, it's a video function on Instagram that allows for full-sized videos that are under 60seconds long.

This scrollable video format is Instagram's own version of TikTok, and it allows you to be creative and your videos to be discovered by more people.

It comes with exciting functions like stickers, music, and filters so there's a lot to explore.

You can now also make collaborative posts that will appear on multiple user's accounts as a joint post.

Make sure you use the hashtag #ReelsSG to interact with the local community!

What are you doing this November?

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