5 Squid Game Hairstyles That Looks Good IRL (and where to get them in Singapore)

Published on Oct 11, 2021

If you aren't living under a rock, you probably already know this. The Netflix Korean drama, Squid Game, has been taking over Netflix's drama rankings to become No.1 all around the globe.

And even if you're not on Netflix, you've probably seen the Dalgona challenge filter on TikTok, or even the "Red Light, Green Light" game filter on Instagram.

Squid Game takes us on a thrilling adventure, where stars such as Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Jung Ho Yeon, are caught between life and death as they play a series of childhood games to win a grand prize of 45.6 bilion won. That's almost SGD $52 million! 

Would you take the chance if you got the invite? 

Squid Game Hairstyles that Look Good in Real Life Singapore

As gruesome as some (maybe even most) of the scenes were, you can't deny the swag that all the actors exuded as they fought to stay alive! Everyone may be trying to make their own dalgona treats these days, but if you want to take the trend one step further and try out these styles, we've got your back!

Seong Gi Hun, Player 456

The veteran model-turned-actor Lee Jung Jae portrayed the role of Seong Gi Hun, a.k.a. Player 456. Some of you might recognise him from these 2013 films New World, and The Face Reader which are also some of his most famous works. Despite his age, he definitely isn't your typical 아저씨. Despite constantly worrying if he would survive each round of game, he did his best to look out for his comrades and taught us viewers a lot about humanity. 

And come on, don't be afraid to admit it. Even though he always look haggard in the drama, his hairstyle was pretty amazing!

Actor Lee Jung Jae had his hair in the popular Korean Wave Perm, nicely parted at a 6:4 ratio. To top off the shabby look of his character, he kept the back of his hair overgrown into a mullet too. A pretty good mix of a ragged but stylish look! 

If you're thinking of filling yourself with some main character vibes, and would probably be a surprising survivor of the games, this is a look for you to try.

Kenaris Salon @ Wheelock Place

Mullet may be a bit much for us here in Singapore but the two-block Perm can definitely work to give your hair some texture.

Squid Game Hairstyles that Look Good in Real Life Singapore

 No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East

The length of the cut itself would also have an impact on how this two-block Korean Perm will look; keeping it longer may actually give you more of a Korean vibe.

Squid Game Hairstyles that Look Good in Real Life Singapore

Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

As long as you don't go too curly, this is definitely a look that most Singaporean men can carry.

Seung Gi Hun Dyes His Hair Red

What would one do after winning the prize jackpot? Most are likely to spend it all but not Gi Hun. He returned some to his childhood friend and dedicated his life to preventing Squid Game from repeating again.

To represent his inner anger, the Director had his hair dyed red. If you feel as much angst as Gi Hun, you may just want to try this bright red ensemble from Finder by COVO Hair Salon.

Squid Game Hairstyles that Look Good in Real Life Singapore

Finder by COVO Hair Salon

If you're looking for something a bit more K-pop, this ash red by Korean stylists in Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place may just work for you.

Squid Game Hairstyles that Look Good in Real Life Singapore

Kang Sae-byeok, Player 067

One can't talk about Squid Game without mentioning the ultimate girl crush of 2021. Kang Sae-byeok, played by the young but talented fashion model and actress Jung Ho-yeon, is Player 067, a North Korea defector who participated in the brutal game to win money and bring her mother and brother back to South Korea. Beyond her looks, Sae Byeok's loyalty and humanity shown in various points in the game stole all our hearts, guys and girls alike.

It's no wonder her Instagram following jumped from 400k to 12.7million in just a week, making her the second most followed Korean actress on IG! Can you tell I'm swooning over her? 🤤

This may look like any other dishevelled short hairstyle, but a lot of work actually went behind the scenes. The actress even kindly shared a time-lapse of her stylists prepping her for filming. From curling her bangs, to using a hairdryer and mini flat iron, you can tell just how much attention they paid to every detail of her hair!  

Pop quiz time! How many times did Jung Ho-yeon yawn in the video? 

Curling your hair may be difficult enough. But curling SHORT hair with a mini iron? That's a new challenge itself. Fret not ladies, because Picasso Hair Studio has actually launched a styling workshop. Instead of going to get a haircut or a new style, their stylists will run you through some styles that suit you, and show you how to achieve it with your own tool, so you can be an independent lady – just like Kang Sae-byeok! 

Alternatively, if you're looking for a more fuss-free, low maintenance way to achieve this look, try an edgy wolf cut that involves incorporating many layers to achieve the shaggy cut. This style was trending in the early part of the year on TikTok, and considering how popular Jung Ho Yeon got, this girl crush look is bound to stay in trend for a while.

Squid Game Hairstyles that Look Good in Real Life Singapore

Fluxus House @ Outram Park

There are, of course, many variations to the wolf cut, so it's up to you to get creative and show off your unique personality too. In Jung Ho Yeon's case, she coupled hers with some airy bangs that helped to contour her face beautifully. 

If your hair is a little flatter, you can consider getting a perm done as well! 

Squid Game Hairstyles that Look Good in Real Life Singapore

  Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Don't you just love how the Japanese stylists at Fluxus House can make your hair look exactly like Kang Sae Byeok without needing to touch your styling iron at all?

Han Mi Nyeo, Player 212

We can't forget the female lead of Squid Game's very own "Romeo and Juliet" couple. Crazy as her character may have been, her expressive acting has fans making memes of her, and comparing her to Mother Gothel from Rapunzel.

And this queen isn't afraid to own it!

With her thick luscious hippie perm, she's definitely a character you won't forget. Loving her hair but not sure if it's suitable for you? We've got you all covered in this article that talks about whether of not the hippie perm is the one for you

If you're already spiritually connected with Han Mi-nyeo and can't wait to try on her style, you might want to start at Koinonia Salon.

Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

The stylists here do gorgeous Hippie Perms that is sure to add lots of character to your personality.

Squid Game Hairstyles that Look Good in Real Life Singapore

Hippie perm by Koinonia Salon

Another Korean salon that does it really well is Zinc Korean Hair Salon which has a fully Korean team to give you the desired hippie vibe.

Squid Game Hairstyles that Look Good in Real Life Singapore

If you're looking for a budget option though, we highly recommend Act Point Salon that can possibly give you the same look at under $250 with haircut, perm and treatment all included.

Cho Sang Woo, Player 218

The dashing actor Park Hae Soo landed his first ever lead role in Prison Playbook, yet another popular K-Drama. He recently made his comeback as the main character, Cho Sang Woo in Squid Game.

Scheming as he is, Cho Sang Woo was as expected the brains of the group. Always coming up with tricks to get an advantage, Sang Woo had a cleaner, more intelligent look that fits his personality really well.

Cunning may not be the best way to describe you, but if you're thinking of switching up your look to give yourself a smarter, dependable vibe, we recommend this classic two-block cut. When it comes to the two-block, it allows for lots of personalisation, but it generally is quite similar to a slope or even undercut. It really depends on how much you want to get the back and sides trimmed, and how long you want to keep the top.

Pro tip: Just bring along a photo for easier reference for your stylist!

Squid Game Hairstyles that Look Good in Real Life Singapore

Salon 5 @ Katong

 Don't you like how the two-block brightens up your entire look?

Extra styling point: the glasses. In the earlier parts of the show, Sang Woo is seen with a pair of full rimmed, rectangular glasses. The thin metal frame gives off a lighter feel, and the rectangular shape also provides some contouring effect that completes his brainy look.

Squid Game Hairstyles that Look Good in Real Life Singapore

Room Japanese Hair Salon @ Amoy Street

Even if the frame isn't metal, don't you think the glasses add something to the overall look?

Hwang Jun Ho

After watching Wi Ha Jun in Shark: The Beginning, I immediately became a fan. I was SO estatic when I heard he was part of the cast. In Squid Game, he takes on the role of a righteous policeman, who goes to extreme ends to find his missing brother. 

NGL, it's disappointing that Ha Jun had to cover up his handsome face behind a mask for most of the show, but those few scenes where he revealed his face was enough to waver the hearts of us ladies all around the world! And who can blame him when he has such a pleasant smile?!

In Wi Ha Jun's take of the two block, he kept his sides and back trimmed neatly, while the top section of his hair was kept longer. But it's not as long as Park Hae Soo's, which explains the spikiness that his hair has. Which also helps him to further exude his youthful, boyish charms that has us swooning! 

If you're thinking of trying this look, but have kinda poofy, spiky hair, we have the solution for you too! Or rather, Leekaja does. They offer a down perm that helps you to maintain your hair easily.

Squid Game Hairstyles that Look Good in Real Life Singapore

LeeKaJa Korean Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Complete The Look!

Do we even need to say it? We're still missing out on the most critical point in completing this look – the tracksuits.

If you think working for the games if more like you, grab a pink tracksuit, and choose your favourite shape for the mask! We even found a full set selling on Shopee here!

If being a player suits you more, time to start hunting for a dark green one instead, and pick out your favourite 3 digit number. Don't forget a pair of white sneakers too! If you're game for it, you can even practice drawing some fresh cuts on your arms or face with makeup too. And voila! You're all ready for some Halloween fun! 

You gotta be quick if you want it to come on time though! Here are some shops selling them Taobao and Lazada!

Tried any of the above hairstyles?

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