Marini- ERI SU SALON @ Bugis Bali Lane

You know the confidence celebrities display when looking at the camera? I want my customers to feel the same way, even at home.

StylistatERI SU SALON @ Bugis Bali Lane

ERI SU SALON @ Bugis Bali Lane

Bali Lane

NGL, we have a special connection with Marini. One of our very first Beauty Undercover Agents, Marini was so inspired by the hair experience at a Korean salon in Singapore that she decided to enter hairdressing. Under the tutelage of illustrious celebrity stylist Eri, we’ve seen Marini grow to become one of the most talented young Singaporean hairstylists we’re super proud of!

Marini’s hairstyles aren’t just on point on the day of the hair visit; her hairstyles fade beautifully for months after. She does this by choosing the right colour for your skin tone, mixing the right colours and advising you on the colour shampoo to lengthen the hair result for months. Another principle she tries to abide by? Bleach hair only once at each visit. This minimizes hair damage to the hair and allows one to achieve gorgeous hair colours without breaking the bank! This sets her a personal challenge to create unique colour designs with a maximum of one bleach, a test she passed with flying colours. Can you believe that most of the hairstyles on her IG is achieved with only 1 bleach?

Gorgeous colours aside, Marini’s consultation is surprisingly in depth and professional. She doesn’t just show you photos of what your hairstyle could look like, she shares with you alternative options she’ll go for if the bright colours cannot be achieved. During the hair service, Marini will also share many hairstyle tips and tricks to extend your hair colour for months and if you’re keen, attires and looks that may match well with your new hairstyle as well.

Overall, a talented young stylist we’re excited to uncover in Singapore!