Senior Stylist
atSalon Vim @ Wisma Atria


It gives me immense satisfaction to transform customers and make them feel more confident with the work of my hands.

Senior StylistatSalon Vim @ Wisma Atria

Salon Vim @ Wisma Atria

Wisma Atria

The last 10 years in some of Singapore’s most exclusive hair salons has taught Aaron how to make a customer feel like royalty with his super attentive service and approachable personality. Ingrained in Aaron is a strong desire to serve where he notices and takes care of small details to ensure that customers feel comfortable. This attention to detail extends to his hair services where he is able to give each customer a cut so detailed that it becomes really easy to maintain. His strong haircutting skills and service are probably the major reasons why he counts a CEO of a large SME in Singapore and a prominent lawyer as loyal customers.

Although he is most skilled in Men’s haircut, we also love how he manages to incorporate professional highlights and soft curls into the haircut without detracting from the neatness of the overall hairstyle!