The best form of art is one that can elicit happiness for its wearer everyday. That's why I aim to create hairstyles that builds confidence for the individual and make her feel beautiful without requiring her to fuss too much about her hair.

Ace Chai
StylistatEvolve Salon @ Great World City

Evolve Salon @ Great World City

Great World City

With his unique hairstyle of having all his hair pulled back into a low bun, Ace looks right at home with celebrity stylists who often have to go on stage to create avant garde hairstyles for top fashion brands. 

As much as Ace enjoys creating unique and fashionable hairstyles, you shouldn't be intimidated by his artsy and cool vibe! Talk to him and you'll realise that he is actually super warm and down-to-earth. It's very easy to connect with Ace as he truly listens to what you're saying and understands your needs very quickly. He is then able to come up with a design that doesn't just make you look elegant and stylish, he tries to make it as fuss-free and easy to manage as possible. It is this sincerity, consideration for customers as well as innate talent that Ace possessed which caught Ken's eye. Under Ken's tutelage, Ace's hairdressing skill improved even more; his competency arguably even exceeds other stylists with the same years of experience!

Ace's attention to detail when cutting and colouring hair, along with his extensive knowledge on treatments, sets him apart from many other senior stylists we've met. Add his sincerity and genuine heart to make customers happy and you've got a highly talented stylist we think you should definitely look out for in Evolve!