Don't give up just because it is difficult to manage your hair. If there's a will, there's a way!

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With her hair all neatly tied up, it is hard to tell that Aki actually faced difficulties managing her hair in the past. Yet, this is exactly what happened to her; with natural curly and frizzy hair, Aki used to be heavily teased in elementary school about how messy she looked in the past. It was only after she discovered rebonding that she picked up her confidence again. It was after experiencing the transformation that she got interested into joining the hairdressing industry.

Unsurprisingly, her specialty is straightening. She worked at top hair salons in Ginza, helping many office ladies achieve easily manageable hair via natural rebonding that makes sure that the hair is straightened without being overly flat. As someone who straightens her hair every 3 months, she understands the frustrations of curly hair and therefore does her best to remove as many of such frustrations as possible. Her friendly nature that goes the extra mile is a major reason why many of her customers in Japan go to her. 

She has however just arrived in Singapore so there is some room for improvement for her command of English. Her hardworking nature and close-knitted culture in Flamingo however reduces any risk of miscommunication as there is always someone who can help you translate where possible!