Aki - Fluxus House @ Outram Park

The essence of art is not in creating something out of nothing but in letting people discover something new from what is familiar. I strive to do this for every one of my customers, helping them see a new and better version of themselves from the work of my hands.

DirectoratFluxus House @ Outram Park

Fluxus House @ Outram Park

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Beneath Aki's quirky personality is a thoughtful all-round artist. Whenever he comes across a scene that makes him feel, he captures a photograph to immortalize that moment. Whenever he meets someone new, he'll immediately think about how he can transform his/her hair. Whenever emotions overcome him, he'll play music to express his inner feelings. His expertise in different art forms influence each other and help him create works that are perceptibly different from other stylists. In fact, his works have graced the cover of Japanese magazines such as CaziCazi and even enjoys a strong following among bands in the Kansai area. 

By different, we don't mean asymmetrical haircut or drastically artistic designs but the details and vibe that it portrays. Customers who go to him rave at how his haircut looks and feels so soft... and yet is imbibed with personality. The choice of colours is also very unique as he loves to mix tones that you'll never get at other salons. As artistic as he is, Aki understands the needs of his customers and therefore, makes sure that his hairstyle is a work of art that customers will find easy to carry. 

Skill aside, Aki is an interesting fun-loving character who will try his best to add a joke here and there during the hair service. You don't have to worry about him talking your ear off because he's just not like that. Although he is Japanese, his English has also improved a lot since he came to Singapore and so consultation is not a problem. 

Overall, an excellent stylist with great skill that will guarantee to give you a makeover cut and colour you'll be happy with.