Hair is an art that can only be created when you communicate with customers. This is why I practise and try to put myself in my customers' shoes so I can understand their needs.

Korean Senior StylistatStyle NA Korean Hair Salon by Joel Park @ Compass One

Style NA Korean Hair Salon by Joel Park @ Compass One

Compass One

Asha is known for her signature C curl perms that are not just easy to maintain, but sexy and natural too. She designs it in a way that makes her customers look younger and more ladylike, and who doesn't want that?

Her time in Vidal Sassoon trained her to create custom haircuts that are super flattering to the face shape. The layered cuts further enhance the popular perm styles that are inspired by Korean trends. C curl perms are always raved about because they are low maintenance and the overlapping layers create a softer look with added volume on the roots.

She's one of the most interesting stylists to talk to because she is very well-travelled around Europe, Asia and America! This helps her create globally trendy hairstyles as well as fun conversations. Asha also took English literature in school, allowing her to chat with customers in Shakespearean lingo.