Knowledge becomes power when it is applied. I used to have very bad skin until I came to Geranium and got my face cured... so I wish to do the same for the customers who come to me.

Facial TherapistatGeranium Skin Boutique @ Lavender MRT Horne Rd

Geranium Skin Boutique @ Lavender MRT Horne Rd

BH Building

Alice isn't the most talkative facial therapist in Geranium but chat wth her about acne and you'll see her eyes light up. You see, Alice herself has battled with pimples for a long time. Despite being a facial therapist for a number of years, her problem only cleared completely after going through Geranium's acne program that incorporates essential oils, microdermabrasion and microneedling. This convinced her to join Geranium and help even more people resolve their pimple problems.

And help, she certainly has. Alice counts a number of air stewardesses, front facing staff and bankers among her customers. Customers who've tried Alice will tell you that she impresses with her depth of knowledge as she customizes the facial treatments to your needs for faster results. Understanding how painful acne skin can be, Alice feels personally responsible to help you see results as fast as possible and therefore goes the extra mile to accelerate your recovery.

Overall, this is a facial therapist you'll be glad to have by your side as you take the step towards blemish-free skin