Life is full of stresses, everywhere. In the short time they spend with me, I want to give my customers rest and let them know that their hair is safe with me.

StylistatMode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Wheelock Place

There are very few Singaporean stylists, let alone good-looking ones with both talent and skill. That's why we're very excited when we met Andrew for the first time; Andrew doesn't just look dapper in photos, his boyish looks is sure to set some women's hearts racing in person. (at least it did for us)

Don't discount his skill just because of his good looks though; Andrew is one of the few Singaporean stylists who actually worked at top salons in Singapore including Kim Robinson and Next. In fact, Andrew was one of the few Sam handpicked to join the founding team of Mode after witnessing his talent, skill and dedication back in Kim Robinson. A true customer advocate, Andrew value adds to the hair experience by incorporating customer's preferences into the hair design and explaining to a customer why a certain hair length best matches their bone structure, face width, face length and collarbone - knowledge he learned from his previous salons as well as his training in Vidal Sassoon. Add that to his 7 years of experience and you've got a stylist who can create stylish cuts that looks effortlessly glamorous. 

Beyond skill though, this is one stylist you'll enjoy hanging around. He doesn't push people to do additional services or things they don't want to because that's just not his style. In fact, Andrew is rather chill and laidback. So, it feels easy to just open up to him and talk to him about anything. Don't be surprised if you find that 2 hours flew by just like that, because that's how fun Andrew is. 

Overall, a stylist you'll love for both his gorgeous cuts and fun-loving personality!


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