My customers are like my children. It gives me great joy to navigate the world of skincare and help them regain confidence, so they become the person they want to be.

Facial TherapistatGeranium Skin Boutique @ Lavender MRT Horne Rd

Geranium Skin Boutique @ Lavender MRT Horne Rd

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We could hardly tell that Angela is in her late 50s - with a lithe figure and flawless skin that has barely any lines, she is the role model of who we want to look like in a couple of decades' time. Angela credits this to her own obsession towards facial care and aging. In her free time, Angela likes to read about new treatments, facial products and even lifestyle habits that can help reduce the effects of aging. For customers who are interested, she will then share about what she has learned during the facial.


Grace, the founder of Geranium, will also tell you that Angela is also highly enthusiastic about researching new treatments and routines. Always one of the first to volunteer to test and try new treatments, Angela has accumulated years of experience and knowledge in this aspect.

If you ask her what her top treatment recommendation is though, the answer she has for now is Microneedling. After testing and seeing for herself the benefits of microneedling for both aging and acne, Angela is now a fervent supporter of microneedling. Agent YL is one of the beneficiaries from microneedling.

Despite being scared of pain, Agent YL reports a huge drop in acne and also oiliness of the skin after starting the microneedling treatment with Angela.

Beyond effective treatment though, customers who go to Angela will tell you that she's extremely motherly. She doesn't upsell you products or services you don't need.. but she will give you useful tips to take care of skin back at home and nag at you gently if you're too lazy to abide by your homecare but the experience with her is so good, you always want to come back and be pampered by her. After all, her extraction is as painless as it can be and she does include lots of awesome head and shoulder massages that is sure to lead you into dream land very quickly. Add her gentle touch and sensitivity towards customers and you'll understand why she is one of the most popular therapists in Geranium.

Not surprisingly, she is particularly good with microneedling and Geranium’s Signature Face Toning TM, which gives an immediate lift and tightening effect for customers!