Associate Director
atBe Salon @ Wheelock Place


I will become a designer who perfectly understands my customers' tastes to create the style they want.

Associate DirectoratBe Salon @ Wheelock Place

Be Salon @ Wheelock Place

Wheelock Place

Anna's journey into the world of hair began at a young age, driven by a fascination with hairstyling and the transformative power of colour.

She spent her formative years in Incheon, at a bustling salon teeming with talented stylists which equipped her with an extensive repertoire of skills and knowledge. Korea witnessed Anna's growth for seven years, a period marked by honing her craft and developing a deep understanding of her Korean clientele. Her journey then took an international twist when she moved to Singapore, her home for the past seven years.

Anna's specialities lie in perms, from the classic cold perm to the intricate art of setting perms and loose curls. She believes that a successful hairstyle isn't just about the curl; it's about understanding the textures, shapes, and individual face structures of her clients. She offers tailored recommendations, often combining various techniques to achieve the perfect look.

Her skills also extends to crafting exquisite men's perms — from down perms that provide a neat and classic look to full perms that deliver volume and style.

While English might not be her primary language, her zealous dedication shines through in her service. Anna's vision is to evolve into a designer who can truly grasp her clients' preferences and styles, ultimately creating the hairstyles they envision.

We definitely recommend visiting Anna if you're looking for a beautiful perm!