A great haircut has to be one that breaks the unknown and bring out something in the client they've never realized before.

DirectoratMode Studio @ Wheelock Place

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Wheelock Place

To be able to know me THIS WELL and give me a look beyond my wildest imagination, it has got to be MAGIC!

Those are the thoughts echoed by not just one but many of Anneth's regular customers who can't stop raving about her. Once you've gotten your hair done by her, you'll know why. This Singaporean stylist doesn't just see you with her eyes but thoroughly soaks up your vibe and the vibe of who you CAN BE... the result? A look you've always wanted... but never dared to try! If you're open to change, this hair makeover may very well be the start of your personal transformation, the way it did for a number of her customers. This magical ability of hers to see through to a person's inner desires along with her formidable haircutting skills honed in London, Paris and Japan are possibly why Anneth had been voted as one of Singapore's top haircut specialists - and why high profile clients like Royalty and Entrepreneurs go to her for haircuts. 

It doesn't mean that she treats her high profile clients any different though; unfazed by her clients' status, Anneth does her best for each and every customer, assessing the needs for the individual and crafting the customized hairstyle to their needs. She doesn't talk too much and instead, focuses on the emotions she feels when you walk into the salon and the haircut that she can design to transform it into something better. 

If you're looking for more than a haircut but a total hair makeover that will make you feel alive again, Anneth should definitely be at the top of your consideration list. 

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