Technical Director
atFlamingo Hair Studio @ Tiong Bahru


Customers come into the salon with high expectations and I do my best to live up to them!

Asako - Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tiong Bahru
Technical DirectoratFlamingo Hair Studio @ Tiong Bahru

Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tiong Bahru

Hair Studio-Tiong Bahru

Don't have an idea of what to do but hope to get a complete makeover? Asako is definitely a stylist who should be on your consideration list. 

Having worked for a long time in a salon specializing in makeover cuts, Asako transformed the hair of numerous customers who loved how she changed their lives thanks to her amazing cut! She once had a male high school student who was somewhat of a wallflower in school. Through Asako's makeover cut and perm, his look changed so much so that a lot of girls asked for his number. From then on, he came out of his shell, socialised more and became really popular! He's not the only one; Asako has many more customers whose life got transformed after she managed to change their image with an easy to manage hairstyle. 

Asako doesn't just cut well, she cuts really fast thanks to her strong training and grounding in speed and precision back in Japan. Add that to her extensive experience with magazine photoshoots and you've got a reliable stylist you can rely on for that chic makeover you've always wanted.

P.S. Asako's command of English is pretty OK though you may want to bring along a photo just to minimize any miscommunication. 


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