Ayami- BRANCHE Nail Salon @ Capitol Piazza City Hall

Above all, healthy nails are the MOST important in making any nail design look good. I want to help customers regain their strong and naturally beautiful nails with high quality gel nails and nail care services.

NailistatBRANCHE Nail Salon @ Capitol Piazza City Hall

BRANCHE Nail Salon @ Capitol Piazza City Hall

Capitol Piazza

Ayami has been in Singapore for a few weeks now but many of her customers are still pining for her very thorough nail services back in Japan, sending messages every day to ask how she is. 

She is after all not so easily replaceable. Beyond her very genuine and friendly personality, Ayami is among the most hardworking and skillful nailist we've met! She isn't the typical Japanese nailist - Ayami has attained certification for Calgel Nails Instructor, Paragel Educator, JNA gel nail skill test senior and is now #1 Japanese nailist after passing the most challenging Japanese Nailist Association exam. These qualifications are testament to her desire to continuously improve herself and of her conscientiousness as Ayami is a person who takes care of every single detail. 

Although she enjoys creating nail art for customers (you should ask her to show you the really kawaii Mr & Mrs Potato 3D Nail art), her passion lies in repairing customers' damaged nails. Nail art is temporary but helping customers' regain their nail health will benefit them in the long term. That is why Ayami acquaints herself with all the methods, techniques and machines in Japan to help customers maintain the health of their nails! This time, she even brought expertise from Japan on how she can use the special Urawa machine in pedicures (previously, the special Urawa machine which helps to exfoliate the skin gently can only be used in manicures!) 

Instead of needing to fly to Japan for such intricate service, we're glad that Ayami has equipped herself with all the knowledge and answered the Merlion's call to come to Singapore and help ladies like us achieve flawless elegant nails! 

P.S. Ayami is not yet fluent in English so she may need some help from her colleagues for translation at times!