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Beck Katira BK

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Beck Katira BK
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It isn't every day that we get the chance to meet a hairstylist who has cut, coloured and styled the hair of international superstars like the likes of Jay Park and Gray as well as others from Amoeba and Hi-lite records. 

And as you would expect from a stylist Jay Park chooses to go to consistently for the past 8 years, Beck isn't like any other stylist we've met thus far. 

A haircut with Beck is an experience in itself. His cool and professional appearance, the speed at which he understands what you need, the ease with which he deals with your hair and the charm when interacting with customers make Beck a hairstylist you won't forget. Conversation flows easily, not only because he is fluent in English but also because of his extensive life experiences working with top celebrities in Korea. Don't be surprised if you find yourself lost in conversation with Beck for 3 hours simply because he is just so interesting to talk to! 

As much as Beck is good at cutting the latest trendy reggae or celebrity-worthy haircuts, he is well-versed across many haircutting and colouring styles. Beck has after all worked for 13 years at Hongdae's most popular celebrity hair salon, Soonsiki. He has therefore built a strong following not only among local Koreans but also customers (Including aesthetic surgeons and models both Asian and Caucasian) from all over the world who fly into Korea just to get their hair cut and coloured by him. 

Fortunately for us, we no longer have to fly to Korea to get our hair done now that he has been talent-spotted by Mode Studio in Singapore.

His customer base is largely made up of youngsters who want a trendy look. So if you've always wanted a celebrity-worthy hairstyle that can go on album and magazine covers and a fun stylist to entertain you throughout the hair service, we would highly recommend Beck for his haircut and colour.

His perms are also unlike any other as it doesn't just make you look feminine or sensual; there is an edginess and personality to it that makes it look effortlessly gorgeous. 

With his experience styling for Jay Park and other celebrities in Malaysia, Macau, Taipei and Bangkok, this is one interesting stylist you can definitely vibe with... just make sure you book your appointments ahead of time as he is sometimes busy with overseas photoshoots and video shoots!

P.S. Jay Park still goes to him so you may actually bump into Jay the next time you get your hair done at Mode Studio!


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