Thai Stylist
atAube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Benjawan (Thai Stylist)

My personal philosophy is to do what I love and do from the heart. Through your interactions with me, I hope you'll feel my love for hairdressing and a genuine passion to help all my customers see a new side to themselves!

Benjawan (Thai Stylist)
Thai StylistatAube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Wheelock Place

Benjawan is not Japanese but she may very well be. Her high standards for hairdressing, attentiveness in service and willingness to go the extra mile allows her to hold her own even in an all-Japanese salon.

Benjawan has after all worked at a luxury hair salon back in Bangkok for a number of years and has helped many renowned Thai actresses, celebrities, bloggers and even entrepreneurs like the super famous Louk Kaew with their hair makeovers. These aren't just sponsored visits but actual paying customers who love how her haircut and perms just seem so naturally flawless. She is not satisfied with the outcome until every single detail is well taken care of, a possible reason why her cuts and perms last so long!

She's so good, this talented stylist already has customers who promise to fly to Singapore just to get their hair done by her! With her sincerity and skill honed from her years as a hairstylist and later as a wedding stylist, we're sure that Benjawan will build up a strong following in Singapore very soon.

P.S. Benjawan is really good with makeup as well so do ask her for advice if you need help matching outfits or makeup with your new hair design!