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I prefer to take my time with every hair service because I like to make sure that things are done perfectly and that the experience is good for every one of my customers!

DirectoratSalon Solo @ Wisma Atria

Salon Solo @ Wisma Atria

Wisma Atria

More than 15 years at top hair salons in Singapore have taught Catherine to be very detailed and meticulous at her work. She doesn't let a customer leave the salon until she is sure that every part of the hairline is well cut, the way she intends it to be. That is probably why her haircuts last longer than other stylists and why her customers trust her unequivocally especially in the area of Ladies' Bob Haircuts!

She may take a little longer time than usual but you can be sure that you will get a hairstyle you are happy with. In fact, we've seen entrepreneurs doing their work at the salon as they get their haircut and colour done by her... simply because she's worth the time!