I only see my customers a few hours at a time each month / year. Hence I cherish every moment and make sure that the hair is made to last for a long long time.

Catherine Ong
DirectoratWalking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Orchard Central

Among the most versatile local stylists we've met, Catherine has learned from the very best in top local salons as well as in Korean salons as she crystallizes the best of all techniques to create a signature style of her own: a classy voluminous look that is trendy yet easy to maintain. Customers love her as she incorporates latest styles without making them spend extra hours each day blowdrying, styling or applying unnecessary treatment. She is particularly well known for her romantic perms with a trendy chestnut brown with a Korean vibe to it: natural without being too curly. 

It's not just ladies who're in love with her though; Catherine also has a huge following among male customers who love how she can make them look like Korean pop-stars with a natural perm!

Hairdressing skill isn’t the only reason why customers look for her though. Catherine is a stylist who thinks for her customers at every step of the way. She will ask if you require drinks right before you feel thirsty, gives you a blanket if it gets too cold and designs a hairstyle depending on your preference and needs. Her cheery and pleasant disposition on top her caring nature makes her very easy to talk to, possibly why many of her customers have followed her for over 10 years.

This consideration for customers, coupled with great hairdressing skill, make her a gem of a stylist to trust for life!


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