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Senior StylistatLeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

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What do you remember doing in your 20s?

While most of us in Singapore have just left school and are still figuring out what to do, the very talented Cherry had already reached the pinnacle of her career in Bangkok; under tutelage of a top Korean stylist in Thailand, Cherry took over a top hair salon in Bangkok at the age of 27 and successfully expanded the salon from a small shop of just 2 stylists to one with more than 10 stylists under her care. Cherry was so in demand that she had a long line of customers, including fashion models (such as contestants from The Face of Thailand), who had to wait in line to get their hair done by her. Her marriage to a Singaporean husband however necessitated her move to Singapore. Her reputation was so strong that Cherry was instantly snapped up by top Japanese and local hair salons in Singapore, where she worked for a few years. 

So what's her magic? Why do so many customers in Singapore and Thailand fall in love with Cherry? 

While some customers swear by her signature natural perms and colours that do not require bleaching, others love how Cherry just knows how to deliver the style you're looking for; she uses her superior powers of observation to get a grasp of your personal style and preferences before designing a hairstyle that puts the best side of you forward based on your face shape and hair type. Her extensive experience working with international models with varying hair texture helps give her a stronger understanding of what works best for each hair type. 

Add her positive attitude, willingness to go the distance and a happiness that radiates from her naturally and you've got an irresistible stylist you know you'll want to come back to.