Leading Stylist and Makeup Artist (Bedok Point)
at99 Percent Hair Studio


Cheyra - 99 Percent Hair Studio

Hair is the crown you never take off. Let me set off your transformation with a hair makeover you'll absolutely love!

Leading Stylist and Makeup Artist (Bedok Point)at99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio

Orchard Central, Haji Lane, Kinex

Sporting a daring haircut, colour and a stylish getup, Cheyra stands out as the fashionista among the stylists in 99 Percent. The moment we chatted with her, we knew the reason for her strong fashion and sense of aesthetics; Cheyra studied in the University specializing in Fashion Design in Taiwan before learning hairdressing from one of the top hair salons in Taichung! 

Although fashion design seems a little different from hairdressing, Cheyra explains that hair is very complementary to what you wear. While you can change your clothes every day, it is tough to do so for your hair and that is a major reason why she chose to go into hairdressing; it gives her a chance to create a more lasting impact on customers' lives. Her studies in fashion design is not completely wasted; it has been very useful in helping her sculpt an overall style for customers. From what the customer likes to wear, she gets an idea of the customer's personality before creating a suitable hairstyle for her. For customers who want a top-to-toe makeover, she goes the extra mile to share about fashion tips and type of clothes they can wear to bring out a certain feel and vibe that they may want to go for. 

As Taiwan is very strong in perms, Cheyra has also picked up various techniques for perms and cuts. Agent G especially love how her perms are defined yet natural at the same time, making it very suitable for ladies in Singapore. Unsurprisingly, perms are also Cheyra's first love as she believes that perms give an extra dimension that mere cuts and colours are not able to give.

Chera is however very versatile, always seeking to improve herself and keep ahead of trends. She sets aside time every day to check out what's trending because she believes that it will give her the necessary inspiration to provide customers with the latest styles and information that may be useful. 

Overall, a very humble, attentive and hardworking stylist we would highly recommend in 99 Percent @ Bedok!

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