Salon Manager
atFluxus House @ Outram Park


Chiho- Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Art, to me, should not be abstract and unapproachable. It should instead be a conduit through which we discover ourselves... along with advanced hair techniques!

Salon ManageratFluxus House @ Outram Park

Fluxus House @ Outram Park

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We love the fashionista Chiho the first time we saw her years ago. On top of always being inspired by her versatile style of dressing, there is an authenticity, warmth and natural style around her that few other stylists possess. Conversation flows easily as she genuinely cares (and also because her English is quite good!) 

Beyond that of course, her skill is unmistakable. From haircut, colour, perm and even makeup, there is no service Chiho doesn't do well in. Look at her hairstyles and you'll know what we mean!

Maybe because she has been integrating hair, makeup and fashion from a young age, Chiho is especially good at recommending hairstyles based on her holistic assessment of a customer's face shape, body shape, personality and daily styling preferences. Her experience in previous hair salons in Ginza, Aoyama and Kamakura has also sharpened her skills particularly in vivid hair colours, so she enjoys thinking about how to bring out the best of each customer’s feature with the addition of a colour or highlight. Chiho is also one of the few who actually went to Vidal Sassoon London to hone her haircutting skill, a reason why customers say her haircuts can last for at least 3-4 months!

Not surprisingly, Chiho became one of Beauty Undercover most loved Japanese stylists in Singapore! She had SO many customers during her time in AVENTA that her appointment books are full all the time (and yes, she's the fastest to be promoted to be a Top Stylist as well). Hoping to dedicate more of her time to each of her customers, Chiho hopes to offer a more personalised and memorable hair experience through Fluxus House!