It doesn't matter whether it is 11pm or even midnight; as long as there is something I can do to help make customers look and feel better about their hair and themselves, I'm happy to go the extra mile.

Dan - Style NA Korean Hair Salon by Joel Park @ Parkway Parade
Korean Senior StylistatStyle NA Korean Hair Salon by Joel Park @ Parkway Parade

Style NA Korean Hair Salon by Joel Park @ Parkway Parade

Parkway Parade

More like a Korean heartthrob than a stylist, Dan caught our attention the first moment we walked into the salon. Don't discount his skills though he looked more like he belonged in a Korean drama than a salon. Dan is one of the few Korean stylists who have actually gone for the prestigious hairdressing course by Pivot Point, an academy well known internationally for imparting haircutting skills. Unsurprisingly, that is also where Dan's biggest strength is.

Whether male or female, Dan is brilliant at sculpting a haircut that brings out the best of one's face shape while still ensuring that it is easy to manage.  Female customers love how his haircut somehow makes their face look smaller while men love his additional detail and even creativity in hair tattoos. His haircut creates a strong foundation for subsequent colours and perms as it brings out the texture and dimension to your face shape. 

Beyond skill, this is one stylist you'll love to chat to. Other than being well travelled, Dan is friendly, approachable and his English is pretty understandable!

He is definitely an up and coming Korean stylist we're watching out for!