I don't take any customer for granted because I know just how precious their time is. I'm very grateful that they choose to come to me and I will continue to do my best to give them the best hair experience possible!

Dawn - Salon Solo @ Wisma Atria
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Salon Solo @ Wisma Atria

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Dawn spent most of her 23 years in the hairdressing industry serving customers in the higher echelons. This is probably the reason why Dawn is very meticulous in servicing her customers and also why her skills in haircuts, blowouts and colours are top notch! Maybe because she relates most to working professionals and busy moms, her vision and ambition has always been to use what she has learned to provide these two segments with high levels of service. Gene is therefore borne out of this vision.

Overall, Dawn is the kind of stylist to have for life... if you're looking for someone whose advice you can 100% trust, she is it!

Many of Dawn's customers are working professionals or moms who have followed Dawn for over 10 years. They are especially satisfied with her wash and wear haircuts because it makes them look sleek and presentable without spending too much time styling. Dawn also goes out of her way to make them feel comfortable during each service, making her easy to come back to. This sets an example for fellow stylists who focus more on servicing their customer rather than getting them to open their wallet.

You are likely to see her at the reception area or helping out around the salon but no, she's not the receptionist - Dawn is the Director stylist here at Salon Solo.