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Deon- Chez Vous HideAway @ Ngee Ann City

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Associate DirectoratChez Vous HideAway @ Ngee Ann City

Chez Vous HideAway @ Ngee Ann City

Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

A stylist must know how to look good in order to help others do the same, so when we met Deon for the first time, we knew we found a gem. From his perfect skin to his chic hairstyle, this is a stylist whose advice you know you can trust and emulate. 

Deon isn't just good at making himself look good. Customers who've tried his services will tell you that this is one stylist who wouldn't rest until every single strand of hair is cut, coloured and permed to perfection. Deon doesn't just replicate the hair colour shown; he'll take the initiative to check your skin colour and even inquire about the palette of your usual outfits to come up with the right tones that flatters you. Even for perms, he'll inquire about the vibe you're going for before designing a perm that best suits your personality. It is exactly this commitment to the quality and aesthetics that got customers so enthralled with Deon. Few stylists have as high expectations as Deon so when fussy customers stumble upon him, it is unsurprising to find them holding fast to this gem.

Although well-versed across many services, we hear that Deon is particularly popular for his signature haircuts, perms and volume rebonding. He attributes this to his 15 years of experience at a top Japanese hair salon where he mastered the art of cutting hair according to one's face shape and head shape while ensuring easy maintainability. Deon's skills are so awesome that a number of customers have raved about how he was able to deliver stunningly beautiful pixie cuts even though they were rejected by other stylists!


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