Korean Creative Director
atPro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM


To transform the lives of women around the world through hair has been my dream. I'm therefore extremely thankful for the customers who put their trust in me as I make a change in their lives, one cut at a time.

Korean Creative DirectoratPro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM


When we first spoke to Dino, we immediately knew that he is not your average hairstylist.

It's not just because he has more than two decades of hairdressing experience in one of Korea's most famous hair salons; Dino is one of the few stylists who has done magazine photoshoots, newspaper interviews and even appeared on TV programs. His passion, along with this exposure, has sharpened his aesthetic and sense of the latest trends, a reason why he was so popular back in Korea and later on in Toronto and in Malaysia. In particular, customers LOVE his easy-to-maintain Korean perms that hold up in different climates.

Although Dino is best known for his Korean perms, customers who love colour will know that he does a beautiful job at balayage too. Since most of his customers are high-flyers and office-goers, Dino has found the perfect hairstyle balance between work-appropriate subtlety and a fun pop of personality.

If you're looking for an extremely skilled Korean stylist who is fun to talk to, Dino is definitely a stylist you shouldn't miss! Here, you won't find any hard-selling, pushiness, or boring hairstyles.

Beyond skill though, Dino is one stylist we enjoy spending time with as he is super down to earth and easy to talk to. His one-year stint in Toronto was more than enough to enable his fluency in English while his time in Malaysia has given him sufficient context about those of us in South East Asia. 

The cherry on top? His easygoing personality! Most of his customers end up becoming his friends because he's friendly and fluent in English (although he will humbly deny it when you tell him so).

Communication is extremely important to Dino, and his customers appreciate that he communicates clearly, is always able to explain the process to his customers, and is upfront about pricing so there aren't any surprises.