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atChez Vous HideAway @ Ngee Ann City


Colour is not just about trends, it can help you express parts of your personality you find difficult to share with others!

Associate DirectoratChez Vous HideAway @ Ngee Ann City

Chez Vous HideAway @ Ngee Ann City

Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Loved by Magazine Editors and customers alike, Eddy is a colour genius whose prowess at hair colours have been endorsed by many in the industry. He has after all spent 10 years at some of Singapore's top hair colour salons where he was exposed and challenged to perform the most intricate hair colouring designs from micro highlights to balayage!

Unlike other stylists who may prefer to use loud colours to show off their work, Eddy does not need bleach or vibrancy to make his hair designs stand out. Instead, he uses solid colouring techniques to help understated hair colours look stunning on customers' hair. In fact, his signature hair colour is a no-bleach balayage that makes customers' hair look multi-dimensional without damaging their hair or requiring much maintenance. It is this consideration for customers' needs that make him especially endearing as he thinks of ways to keep prices low while delivering more value using superior colouring techniques. Even in terms of haircut, he will cut according to your hair growth pattern and give recommendations about best haircut shapes that require minimum maintenance for your head shape. 

His consideration extends to service. While Eddy is not the most chatty, he makes sure that every part of the experience is well taken care of so that customers feel comfortable, refreshed and rejuvenated in his presence. He also prefers to be honest in sharing his professional views and so is a stylist you know you can rely upon for genuine advice!

Overall, a talented stylist who was previously under-the-radar but will not be for long, given the number of raves he is receiving lately!


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