Senior Stylist
atKoinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru


Who says perm makes ladies look old? My specialty is to make my customers look young and kawaii with my signature haircut and perm!

Senior StylistatKoinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

Seng Poh Road

Enjoy all things kawaii, Japanese and Taiwanese? You'll probably find your 知音 or bosom friend in Elin. 

A petite and trendy hairstylist who keeps up with all the latest hairstyle news, Elin is a Taiwanese hairstylist who is DARN good with Japanese-style airy perms and haircut. Take a look at her customers' hairstyle to know what we mean.

Her cuts and perms adds cuteness and an edgy tinge in such a way that makes a person look younger and all that more attractive. She doesn't just stops there though. Elin takes the effort to teach customers how to style their hair in 10 minutes so that customers can look gorgeous even out of the salon! In fact, she has done a few hairstyling videos so that customers can refer to them even at home. This is an example of the tremendous passion Elin has for hair and her customers. 

As much as she loves to share hairstyling tips, you don't have to worry that Elin is too longwinded or too chatty because she is just not like that. When she senses that it is a topic you are not so interested in, she will either change topic or fall silent so that you will feel comfortable with her. If however you are interested in hair, Taiwan, Japan or Korea, you'll find her really nice to talk to as she will share a lot of interesting titbits you probably never heard before. 

Overall, Elin is a very skillful and confident hairstylist we would highly recommend for Japanese-style haircuts and perms!