Erisu- ERI SU SALON @ Bugis Bali Lane

Looking beautiful is not supposed to be so hard. As a stylist, I hope to uncover the beauty I see in my customers and to show them how they too can look like this everyday of their lives.

DirectoratERI SU SALON @ Bugis Bali Lane

ERI SU SALON @ Bugis Bali Lane

Bali Lane

The first moment we talked to Erisu, we fell in love. Not just because he is good-looking, Singaporean and extremely talented (he even styled for Asia's Next Top Models before!) 

What made us fall in love with this stylist is a genuine sincerity and warmth that disarms even the most distant of customers. Far from the typical stylist who would ask for the hair service you're looking to do, Erisu makes sure you're seated, comfortable and served a beverage of your choice before asking for your name and understanding who you are. To him, the actual hair service is secondary; customers come to him because they either have a problem or a dream and it is precise this problem he hopes to resolve or the dream he aims to fulfill. Sensing that Erisu is the real deal, many customers lean in and share their hopes and dreams. 

Unsurprisingly, many of these dreams involve hair. Whether you're thinking of walking down the aisle looking as stunning as Hailey Bieber or Priyanka Chopra or simply because you're looking for a 180 degree change, Erisu will make your dream come to life. Anyone who've gotten their hair done by him will love how his balayage stands out for being truly flattering; he doesn't just match your hair colour to your skin tone but customizes the placement of highlights to your hair texture and waves to bring out the dynamism in your hair. That's not all; even after the colour is done, Erisu makes sure he makes every customer looks red-carpet ready with styling that gets you flipping out your phone and taking a selfie. He doesn't stop there though; believing that a good hair day can lift the spirits of his customers, he takes the effort to teach them how to style the same way back home. 

Even though it's just an exterior change, those who've followed his advice have seen great results. Thanks to greater confidence from beautiful hairstyles, customers reported getting more compliments from friends, colleagues and family and even closer relationships with their partners. There was even an example of someone clinching a new job after a makeover with Erisu. As much as he can't help all customers in all areas of their lives, his empathetic nature and listening ear, along with his hairdressing talents, have changed the lives of many... for the better. 

So yes, as much as we're impressed by his amazing amazing hair colours and omotenashi Japanese service, it is ultimately this genuine heart of his, a heart that would proactively make special arrangements for customers with special needs and even arrange for complimentary haircuts for residents in Girls' Homes, that gets our heart skipping a beat.

Without a doubt, Erisu is on our MUST-TRY list of outstanding stylists in Singapore.