I used to have lots of pimples, so I know how painful acne outbreaks can be emotionally. That's why I want to do my best and help my customers regain their confidence by getting rid of the pimples!

Facial TherapistatGeranium Skin Boutique @ Lavender MRT Horne Rd

Geranium Skin Boutique @ Lavender MRT Horne Rd

BH Building

With her seemingly perfect skin now, it is hard to imagine that Fanny suffered from intense acne problems in the past. In her search for facials to alleviate her skin condition, Fanny tried all sorts of facials and accumulated much knowledge on how best to take care of problematic skin conditions in her younger days. Eventually, this inspired her to learn how to do a great facial 12 years ago and she has since become a very knowledgeable and skillful facial therapist!

Customers with more complex skin issues such as acne and pigmentation love to find her because she is very good with diagnosing the right skin issues and recommending the right treatments to resolve them!

Her secret weapon is the Geranium inhouse Micro Needle Therapy. The micro needles remove dead skin and stimulate collagen and skin cell renewal to encourage regeneration. It may be a little stinging for some customers but it can be very effective in reducing acne scarring, pigmentation and wrinkles for aging skin!