It's not enough to deliver superb haircuts for some customers. To me, the mark of a great hairstylist is one who can consistently hit the ball out of the park and create stunning haircuts for all customers every single time.

DirectoratMode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Wheelock Place

You may not be a celebrity but it sure doesn't hurt to get your hair cut by a Singaporean stylist whom Bryan Wong, Ayden Sng as well as families of prominent politicians and business people swear by. 

20 years of rigorous hairdressing experience with stints in both Toni & Guy Singapore and Shanghai make him one of the few who can truly weave hairdressing magic and make dreams come true. He doesn't start the hair experience by cutting directly but takes the effort to understand who you are before starting the service. Without needing to ask too many questions, Gabriel is able to grasp what customers are looking for really quickly and embark on the haircut.

To him, a haircut is not just a haircut but a sculpture. After a few quick snips to create the structure, Gabriel goes in deep to carve the silhouette with just the tips of the scissors. His focus? A customized shape that flatters not just the face but also the shape of the nape and the overall body structure - as well as a natural flow that gets you "waking up like this". In his pursuit for perfection, every detail is well taken care of, so you look good from every angle. 

Gabriel isn't just awesome technically; his natural charisma is another reason why customers go back to him time and time again. A haircut isn't just a haircut. The very well-read stylist is able to engage customers even on non-hair topics like economy, politics, business, watches and also newest fashion trends as he enjoys reading up on a wide variety of topics, making him a very interesting person to talk to. 

Overall, a super-skilled stylist we are confident will deliver fabulous cuts along with a memorable hair experience!

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