Change doesn't always have to happen overnight. Be patient with yourself, know your destination and work with someone you trust; that's when a makeover makes the most difference.

DirectoratSalon Solo @ Wisma Atria

Salon Solo @ Wisma Atria

Wisma Atria

Clients who go to Gavin love his extra attention to detail and service. Attentive, yet soft-spoken, clients feel safe and pampered in his hands, as he goes the extra mile to take care of every single detail in both the haircut, colour and during the service. He even goes so far as to help them with their bags, and send them off at the taxi stand to make sure everything is okay till the end. But that’s just icing on the cake; most customers love his eye for aesthetics and how he chooses just the right colour tone to suit your skin colour, face shape and body size. Customers will tell you that he doesn’t do a cookie-cutter hairstyle but does his best to innovate and design something new each time. Male customers find him a hidden gem as he’s one of the few who can do trendy skin fade men’s cuts really well!

As illustrious as Gavin is, we love how he remains humble and willing to share his knowledge. After a colour or a cut, Gavin actually takes the effort to share how we can style our hair back at home in just 5 minutes. Seeing how sincere and genuine he is, many customers put their trust in him for over 10 years, with some even making extra arrangements just to get their hair cut by him although it may be difficult for them to make the trip down.

You may not have heard of Gavin but this styling maestro is a stalwart in the hairdressing industry. Having being in the industry for over 13 years, even styling Junita Simon and other celebs for Orchard Fashion Runway and numerous fashion shows, Gavin has built up years of experience and skill in haircut, colour and styling that have earned him a huge following of customers as a Creative Director at one of Singapore’s most reputable hair salons in Orchard.

Overall, an outstanding stylist with heart and skill we’re elated to recommend.