Assistant Director Stylist
atApgujeong Hair Studio @ Punggol Waterway Point


Because I take pride in everything I do, I make sure that my skills are among the best and that I put in 100% for all my customers!

Assistant Director StylistatApgujeong Hair Studio @ Punggol Waterway Point

Apgujeong Hair Studio @ Punggol Waterway Point

Waterway Point

If you are a fan of famous top Korean Hair Salon Choi Gaeul Hair Salon in Seoul (which is now in New York and many parts of the world!), you MUST give Gio a try!

Previously a Chief Stylist at Choi Gaeul, Gio is very strong with haircuts and volume rebonding! Using several techniques to create texture in the hair, Gio can help make your hair appear more voluminous and face appear smaller with a textured cut! He prefers to give customers a softer, more romantic look as he feels that this can help make ladies look more feminine. Magazines in Korea have also gotten Gio to help them with wedding styling shoots so this is an area he does especially well. We were especially impressed with Gio’s blowdrying skill as he can make flat hair look immediately voluminous with just one blow… his styling really quite amazing and is something we would recommend you to try before any major event!

Despite his expertise with ladies’ haircuts and volume rebonding, Gio is also very strong with men’s haircuts. He has after all cut and styled MANY MANY male celebrities during his time at Choi Gaeul including Lee Beom Soo!

Maybe because of his limited command of English, Gio finds it a little challenging to chat extensively with his customers in Singapore. However, we love how sincere and attentive he is in ensuring that all his customers get a good hair experience with him!