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atZinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk

Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk

Millenia Walk

GT's journey into hairstyling was ignited by the sight of customers leaving the salon brimming with happiness during his high school days. This powerful experience led him to a beauty major in university, solidifying his passion for transforming lives through hair.

Since becoming a stylist in 2011, GT has thrived on his clients' joy. His focus centres on haircuts as he understands their profound impact on shaping persona and mood. Men's haircuts, in particular, showcase his prowess, reflecting his confidence in hair growth direction, the crucial "M line," and diverse styles.

GT's expertise transcends continents, from Singapore (2015-2018) to Vancouver (2021-2022), where he fine-tuned skills for varied Western and Asian head shapes and hair textures. This global exposure has equipped him to cater to diverse preferences.

His artistic flair extends to colour, highlights, and perms, crafting natural, subtle shades and varied perms that range from low-maintenance to vivacious curls. His blow-drying finesse completes every look with style.

At Zinc Salon, GT is committed to curating happiness, one exceptional haircut at a time. His dedication to enhancing beauty and confidence ensures clients leave not just content, but radiantly joyful.