A hairstylist is a girl's best friend. I hope to touch the lives of as many people as possible with my craft and make them feel more confident about themselves!

Style DirectoratEssensuals Hairdressing by Toni and Guy @ Orchard Central

Essensuals Hairdressing by Toni and Guy @ Orchard Central

Orchard Central

Irene may not be the high-profile type of hairstylist who goes for hair competitions after hair competitions or magazine photoshoots after photoshoots. However, she is the stylist that many local and Caucasian directors, managers and working professionals look for when they enter Essensuals!

Observe how she treats her customers and you'll understand why. Warm and approachable but not in any way boisterous, Irene exudes a classy aura that makes customers instantly relax around her. During the consultation, she patiently listens without talking over the customer or dismissing their concerns. Instead, truly listening and gives her recommendations professionally and respectfully in a way that makes you trust what she says. By the time she picks up her scissors and starts cutting, whatever doubts you may have will magically disappear because she executes the cut with such elegance that you'd know she's a very experienced professional without her saying a word. 

Beyond her hairdressing skills though, we found a friend in her presence. A friend who listens to her customers' troubles without judgment, a friend whose heart wrenches for you and roots for you even in your darkest moments. A friend who would gently remind you not to buy XXX hair products if you don't have the time to use it.  

A skillful and sincere Singaporean hairstylist you will want to return to for sleek cuts, chic hair colours and a wonderful hair experience!