Hair, to me, is not just an artistic construct that exist on its own. The best hairstyles are those brings the customer's personality to life! That's why I put my focus on establishing a personal connection with every customer so that I can better understand their personality, preferences and what they really need.

StylistatRuleR Japanese Hair Salon @ South Bridge Rd

RuleR Japanese Hair Salon @ South Bridge Rd

South Bridge Road

f you're wondering where to get Harvey Specter's killer haircut or the business-ready modern quiff that make you look as sharp as a Wall Street Banker, there's no better person to look for than Isa. 5 years working as a hairdresser in downtown Manhattan has given Isa not just an American accent but also a deep understanding of what bankers, lawyers and management consultants working in Wall Street are looking for. 

Isa's hairstyles are known to be sharp without being overly aggressive and stylish without being overboard, a legacy from her training under a celebrity stylist in her previous salon! She even had a hand in styling celebrities such as Zachary Quinto (Star Wars) and even had some of her works featured on the cover of August Men and other magazines in New York!

We hear that she's also very good with hair colouring techniques for both Caucasian and Asian hair due to her exposure in New York and Japan. Whether ombre or balayage, Isa has had extensive experience helping customres with both!

Hair creations aside, we really enjoyed chatting with Isa! Other than her ability to speak English fluently, Isa isn't like the typical Japanese stylist who tends to be a little more reserved. Instead, Isa radiates warmth and positivity as she proactively engages us in intelligent conversation. Talk to her and you'll know that this stylist is the real deal. 

Very highly recommended, especially if you appreciate a great conversation together with an awesome haircut and colour!