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Jaehee Shin

Taking care of my customers' hair is how I show love and appreciation for my clients!

Jaehee Shin
Master StylistatAIR Salon @ The Cathay

AIR Salon @ The Cathay

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Talking to Jaehee is like a breath of fresh air — she's refreshing, lively, and charismatic.

Her love for hair stemmed from her childhood as her mum loved giving her different hairstyles every day. Now, she goes on to share that same love with her customers.

It's a common misconception that all Korean hairstylists have worked with your favourite K-drama actresses and K-pop stars, but that's not a mistake when it comes to Jaehee.

She's worked with the famous Park Min Young from Her Private Life, What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, and so on) for a Netflix event, as well as local names like news anchor Vincent and influencer Nataliechuaps.

Like with many Korean stylists, Jaehee's speciality is perms. However, what sets her apart is that she can duplicate hairstyles from pictures and create different perms for every customer.

As perms are usually based on trends, Jaehee always stays up to date with the latest fashion and pop culture trends so that she can provide for customers who want to try new services and styles.

While she was trained in Korea, she has worked in Singapore for most of her career, so she perfectly grasps, understands, and executes the local needs.

The next time you need a perm, you know where to go!