Master Stylist
atProject Nails & Project Hair @ Katong (Oppo i12)

Jane (Master Stylist)

I'll have sleepless nights if the hairstyle I design for customers didn't turn out the way they like. That's why I am very careful during the entire service, always checking on the hair to make sure things turn out perfect!

Jane (Master Stylist)
Master StylistatProject Nails & Project Hair @ Katong (Oppo i12)

Project Nails & Project Hair @ Katong (Oppo i12)

East Coast Road

16 years in the hairdressing industry has helped Jane accumulate extensive experience and knowledge about various hair types and hair services. 

She's especially good with perms, whether digital or cold perms. That's because Jane herself loves curls and has therefore put a lot of time into understanding hair texture and grasping the right timing to perm every type of hair. Her haircut is also very good because the foundation of a good perm is a good haircut; knowing where the cut starts and ends will affect the curls! Even without a perm though, customers love how her cut manages to inject some volume without adding too many layers! 

Beyond hairdressing skill, we really enjoyed chatting with Jane. Honest and down-to-earth, we felt that it was really very easy for us to connect with her. She doesn't try to sell us products or services and she's friendly without being overly talkative. Her scalp massage is also superb although she's really modest about it. 

A stylist who makes us excited to get our hair done at Project Hair and resume our chats! :)