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Jeric See- Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard

If there's one thing I love to do, it is to spoil my customers.  You never know what's going to happen tomorrow so I take every chance to bring my customers as much laughter and joy as possible. 

Jeric See
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Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard

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Google "Jeric See" and you'll be instantly flooded by news of the many celebrities who would only look for this Singaporean hairstyling icon whenever they're in Singapore. Word of Jeric's skill travelled so far and wide that he has gotten international artistes such as Michelle Branch, Fifth Harmony, regional artistes Coco Lee, Jolin Cai, Donnie Yen and even Ministers of Parliament and local artistes e.g. Glenn Ong and CNA broadcasters requesting for his services. Despite his immense popularity, we note that Jeric's focus isn't on celebrities. 

With a strong belief that stylists should change customers lives through hair, Jeric envisioned and brought to life Jeric Salon. More than just hair, Jeric  believed that Singaporeans deserve better service and therefore was the first in Singapore to incorporate elements of Japanese service into Jeric Salon (inc hot towels, aromatherapy and head and shouler massage during consultation). Jeric Salon was also the first to bring over to Singapore top Japanese stylists, complete with regular training sessions to raise the skill and service standards of local Singaporean staff. Over the years, this has helped Jeric build a strong team of like-minded stylists who believe in the very same vision: change lives through hair. 

As much as Jeric has successfully trained his team to deliver quality hair services, there's still a huge following of customers who would only request for Jeric. There's after all something special about his personal touch - the skill, experience, charisma built over the past 4 decades - that is simply irreplaceable. Having gone through multiple trend cycles, Jeric is incredibly versatile with haircut techniques; whether you're looking for a classic Vidal Sassoon cut, light and flowy Japanese cut or the easy-to-manage Korean hairstyles, he can do it all! With so many techniques in his arsenal, he can flawlessly execute a hair design that is not only tailored to your personal style, but also one that last for more than 6 months.

Beyond hair, it's really nice to have Jeric attend to you. Thoughtful, well-read and well-connected, every hair visit is an experience as he not only makes you look good, he uplifts you with stories that actually enriches your day. With his approachable and engaging personality along with solid hairdressing skill, it is no wonder why Jeric is on the speed dial of so many artistes and beauty editors. 

If budget allows, this is definitely one celebrity stylist we think all hair connoisseurs must try!