Tasteful, clean lines don't ever go out of style.

Master DirectoratNo. 8 Hair Studio @ Vision Exchange Jurong East

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Vision Exchange Jurong East

Vision Exchange

Previously the salon manager for one of the biggest hair salon chains in Singapore, Jimmy is a highly sought after hairstylist in Jurong. If you get your hair cut by him, you'll know why!

Jimmy places a lot of emphasis on clean lines in the haircut. No matter which angle from which you see the cut, it is always sleek and immaculate. He is therefore very popular among working professionals and teachers who love how stylish his haircuts make them look. For customers who are suitable, he will also recommend a heavier, Korean-style cut which is more easily manageable. His detailed and systematic haircut also ensures that his hairstyles are easily manageable so it remains in shape even 2-3 months after! Let him pair the right colours to your cut and you'll have colleagues complimenting on your cut and asking where you get your hair done!

Skills aside, Jimmy is very attentive and takes every effort to make you feel comfortable. He is neither too chatty nor too quiet, making the hair experience very enjoyable. 

Overall, a skillful hairstylist we'd readily recommend to our friends and family!