Joeann- Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

All my life, I rebonded my hair, thinking that it’s the only way to deal with curly hair. It’s only after coming to Act Point and learning how to manage curly hair that I began embracing my natural hair texture. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to share the experience with you!

Joeann - Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard
Senior StylistatAct Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

Midpoint Orchard

Her passion towards helping those with curly hair has paid off as more and more of her customers are reconsidering rebonding and are learning to live with their natural curls after encouragement and styling tips from Joeann.

Beyond trend, Joeann’s style is particularly interesting for those with curly hair. You see, Joeann has naturally curly hair herself. Instead of taming it with rebonding like what she did for the last 10 years, she has been experimenting with highlights to see how she could bring out the best of her curls instead. This is not only less damaging but a lot more convenient as you don’t have to head to the salon so often to retouch your roots.

Overall, a passionate and trendy young stylist who can teach us a thing or two about managing and embracing our natural hair texture!

Always ready with a smile, Joeann radiates positive energy, making every hair service with her enjoyable. Despite her relatively young age, Joeann has already accumulated a number of years in the hairdressing industry that makes her popular among younger customers for her trendy hairstyles. Whether you’re thinking about lighter hair colours or waves you see on kpop stars, Joeann is already on it as she takes the initiative to practise and achieve those styles on her own.

If you ever pop into Act Point Salon, the first person you’ll notice is this cheery stylist who resembles a hiphop star with her bright curly hair and cool outfit. That’s Joeann!


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