Senior Stylist
atERI SU SALON @ Bugis Bali Lane


Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Joel - ERI SU SALON @ Bugis Bali Lane
Senior StylistatERI SU SALON @ Bugis Bali Lane

ERI SU SALON @ Bugis Bali Lane

Bali Lane

Usually in full black and dress shoes, Joel can seem intimidating at times. But look beyond his exterior and you may just uncover one of the most talented Singapore stylists in hair colours! 

Joel's hair colours doesn't just look good on Instagram, customers who got his hair done by him can swear by the fact that his hair colours can last for more than a month! This is all thanks to his attention to detail and continuous research in the colour formulation to make sure that the colour fades beautifully - something he picked up over the past 10 years at some of Singapore's most well known salons. Of the different colours though, we find that his specialty lies in cool tones - perfect even for those of you working in "serious" industries as it imbues a chic beyond the professional. 

Though Joel tends to be on the quieter side, you'll start to see the real sweetheart beneath that cool exterior as you get to know him more with every visit. You'll never find Joel disregarding your opinions or your feelings because that's just not who he is. Having been through quite a lot, he is able to sympathize with many and thus is an extremely good listener for whatever you're experiencing in your life.

Overall, this is a highly talented Singaporean hairstylist and confidante you know you can put a hundred hearts with.