The hairstyles I create for all my customers doesn't just look good for one day. I make sure that the hairstyle looks great weeks and months afterwards so that he / she will remember and come back to find me.

Joel Park
DirectoratStyle NA Korean Hair Salon by Joel Park @ Parkway Parade

Style NA Korean Hair Salon by Joel Park @ Parkway Parade

Parkway Parade

Google "Joel Park" and you'll find many raving reviews about him as one of THE Korean Hairstylists to look for.

Once you've gotten your hair done by him, you'll know why. Bolstered by his experience as the Creative Director in his previous salons in Singapore as well as Director in Juno Hair Salon and Jinu Hair Salon back in Korea, Joel's haircuts and perms are very on point. He knows exactly where to cut and where to curl to create the stylish look you are going for... without making it hard to manage! In fact, his haircut is so good that he even won the 3rd prize in a nationwide haircut competition organized by the Korean KCBA Association for Hair and Beauty!

Despite his experience and skill, we love it that Joel remains humble - he actively listens to his customers and doesn't dismiss their concerns. Instead, he will probe deeper in his gentle soft-spoken manner to see how he can help you solve your hair problems. Maybe because he is able to listen better than other stylists and is a little more conscientious than other stylists, Joel is able to create beautiful lasting hairstyles like no other. 

As a result, he counts Tai-Tais, Indonesian tycoons, businessmen and even a top celebrity pastor in Singapore among his regular customers. 95% of the people who've given Joel Park a try will go back to him and recommend even more customers afterwards. Even Agent G, who has tried many many different Korean stylists, can't help raving about his awesome perms after she tried it for herself! Even if you've bleached your hair (like what Agent G did a couple of years ago), he can perm it without making your hair frizzy afterwards! He does so by importing an Exclusive Korean Perm lotion used by top salons in Korea (none in Singapore yet!) that can perm even hair that has been bleached 3 times to achieve lasting curls... and by lasting, we mean at least 8 months! 

If you haven't yet found a Korean hairstylist good enough to return to, we'll highly recommend you to give Joel Park's signature low-damage perm a go!

(That's if you manage to get an appointment with him!)

P.S. Joel Park has a hair salon in Indonesia where he flies to for several days a week. So do book an appointment with him way in advance to avoid disappointment!