If my customers are happy, I'm happy.

DirectoratLeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

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As a Korean hairstylist with over 15 years of experience, it's no surprise that Josh has joined the LeeKaJa team as a perm expert. Looking back, it's funny to think that he stumbled across hairstyling when he was fresh out of the army and confused about his next step in life...

He fell in love with perms because he enjoys the highly-technical aspect of him. As someone who believes that it takes more skill to do perms than any other hair service, Josh dedicated a bulk of his training to perfect the skill. Even now, he regularly sets aside time to continuously improve and upgrade his technique.

People flock to Josh because his perms are always personalised, easy-to-maintain, and look the same at home as they did in the salon.

As customers in Singapore generally prefer lower-maintenance hairstyles, he has adjusted his perming technique accordingly to create less-defined curls that do not require hair products or heavy styling.

Customers also love his simple hair colours, but he always keeps it to single-tone, no-bleach hair colours to ensure customers are still able to perm their hair!

Overall, a diligent Korean hairstylist who you should definitely visit if you're looking to perm your hair!